A Week in the Life – Thursday’s Photos

(“A Week in the Life” is an idea started by Ali Edwards, and involves photographing everything your family does for an entire week. Her ability to capture the most ordinary, normal, everyday kind of stuff, and making it beautiful, inspired me to give it a try…)

Thursday already! Only two more days left, and I’m still feeling good about it! This surprises me. I thought I would be sick of my camera, and be tired of the whole project, but for some reason, it’s been a lot easier than last year. I’ve been enjoying each moment a lot more.

And being at home today was nice. We had some bumps throughout the day – the girls seemed tired, so maybe they needed to recover from a busy day on Wednesday, just like I did.

Here’s how we spent our day on Thursday:

I climbed out of bed, got dressed, and took the garbage out. I should always go outside first-thing in the morning…


We had our usual morning snuggle time in Kaylia’s bed, and then the girls got up and Anika read Kaylia a story while I made breakfast.

storyAfter story time, they ate breakfast while I exercised.

eggsAfter I had my breakfast, I got the laundry started.

laundryThen it was time for Anika to start her school work…


…and Kaylia decided to write a grocery list for Daddy, because she was hungry for pears, grapes, and blueberries, none of which we had.

grocery listShe entertained herself at the table for awhile…

cutting…and then it was time for Anika’s piano lesson. Kaylia loves helping with the flashcards!

flashcardsAfter that, we had lunch, which was leftover “Mock Taco Del Mar”! We layer rice, black beans, taco meat, tomatoes, and avocado on our plates, which is not quite as good as the real thing, but pretty close! (Note: I’ve been eating fresh cilantro, tomatoes, and avocado on everything this week! I think all my meals look pretty much the same! It’s been a delicious week!)

lunchAfter lunch, Anika (unwillingly) helped me give her room a very thorough cleaning. She has to clean her own room regularly, but this was the Big Clean, involving purging, reorganizing her bookshelves, etc. She’s not ever super excited to start, but she gets into it along the way, and by the end, she is very happy about her clean, neat room.

booksOnce her room was clean, I was ready for a nap, so the girls played quietly in their rooms. Then I got up, got supper going, and we all had a snack. We had friends over after that, but I totally forgot to take a picture! Too bad. We had a wonderful time with them! You’ll have to imagine that part.

Our friends left, Ben got home from work, and we had supper.

supperAfter supper, we cleaned up, Ben played with the girls for a bit, and then it was time to get them into bed. I folded some laundry…

laundry…and Ben did some work on his laptop, while I went through my photos for the day.


With organizing, editing, and writing a blog post, I find it takes me about an hour’s worth of work. I thought I would get pictures into a photo book during this week already, but I’m finding that I don’t have enough time, so that’s a fun project that will have to wait until next week!

What did Thursday look like for you?


2 thoughts on “A Week in the Life – Thursday’s Photos

  1. Laundry, cleaning up stuff that wasn’t allowed back in the laundry room after it’s make-over (I’ll post that on my blog soon) and then the best part: Mark and I met friends and went to the beach to watch the Harvest Moon rise. We stayed about an hour and agreed to go again to watch a full moon rise.

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