A Week in the Life – Wednesday’s Photos

(“A Week in the Life” is an idea started by Ali Edwards, and involves photographing everything your family does for an entire week. Her ability to capture the most ordinary, normal, everyday kind of stuff, and making it beautiful, inspired me to give it a try…)

Wednesday was a whirlwind! Oh, my word. But it was so much fun. Can’t wait to do it again next week!

Because Ben had worked a really long day on Tuesday, he stayed home for a bit in the morning, which made the girls very happy, as they hadn’t seen him at all the day before. Of course, the morning had to begin with Ben very loudly, fakely snoring to signal his need for some girlies to come “wake him up” from that very deep slumber.

waking upThen it was time for some morning piggyback rides.

piggy back rideIt was rice cereal with cinnamon apples for breakfast today.

rice cereal with cinnamon applesBen packed us some very cute lunches while we got ready to leave for Winnipeg, and then we zipped off to his parents’ house.

tricycleAfter dropping the girls off, I went to my movement class, where I spent the hour with some ladies I had never met, trying to turn our bellybuttons and pelvic bones toward our right knees, and other such lovely movements. I have many moments of being very thankful that the only people who see me during those classes are all women who are in the midst of looking as ridiculous as I do. And then I think of Sunday’s bike ride, and the progress I’ve made, and I turn my bellybutton with fresh vigor.

Sunyata Movement Studio


After my class was over, I picked up the girls, we ate lunch while driving, and went to the University of Manitoba for our first day of swimming lessons! Anika and Kaylia were pretty excited about the shuttle ride from the parking lot to the swimming pool!



shuttle ride


Anika’s swimming lesson started first, while Kaylia had to eagerly wait her turn.

swimming lessonsWe are in a slot with four other families from our homeschool group here in Niverville, and I had no idea how much fun this would be. It is so great to be able to spend two hours with these other moms, and for our kids to be able to play together.

Also? These four little girls lining up for swimming lessons was so extremely cute! Us moms sit around imagining what good friends they’ll be as they grow up!:)

swimming lessonsAnika also had a gym class after swimming, and then we went shopping at Superstore for some fall clothes, but I didn’t  get pictures of everything!

After Superstore, it was time for our chiropractor appointments. While we waited, we read French books and pretended we knew what we were reading. (Our chiropractor is French, so the French children’s books are very plentiful. There are a few English ones Kaylia enjoys, but yesterday, she only chose French!)

chiropractorAfter our appointments were over, it was time for Kaylia’s usual balancing act. This must happen each time we visit the chiropractor, so I’m really glad I got a picture of it! Also, I think the lady’s expression in the background is amusing, but I kinda wish I knew how to photoshop her out of there! She’s ruining the sweet moment.)

balancingWe got home just in time to make some supper. After supper, Anika disappeared to her room, and Kaylia played with toys (wearing the new shirt we bought that afternoon, of course).

toysBen and I cleaned up the kitchen, and then he got the girls in the tub while I started going through my pictures from the day!

cleaning upAt bedtime, Anika was very excited to have Ben read to her. Right now, they’re reading Watership Down, and she is loving it.

bedtime storiesOnce the girls were in bed, Ben and I watched the last episode of “Amazing Race Canada”, and then went to bed.

It was a fun, full day, but definitely challenging to take my camera everywhere with me, and remember to get photos of stuff! I’m glad for a day at home today!

How’s your week going so far? Do you prefer “at home” days, or “out and about” days?


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