Weekend Favorites

Beautiful Sunday! Actually, it was a really great weekend in general! We had company over on Friday and Saturday, thoroughly enjoyed it, and on Sunday we just relaxed and played, had a few adventures, and spent time together as a family.

First Adventure: Pigeon Rescue Attempt.

Guess who showed up yesterday?

pigeonHe’s come back so many times, we were wondering if he had a wife stuck in there.

Sure enough, as we were playing in the backyard this afternoon, we heard this horrible, scratching, flailing sound in the roof. There is a poor bird stuck in there, struggling for life! Ben called the home builder, who gave him permission to open up the roof!

roofWe’ve kept our eye on the opening, but no bird has appeared yet. We keep hearing it in the roof – worst sound ever. If you think nails on a chalkboard is bad, you should hear birds’ feet on the soffits. Ew.


Second Adventure: Family Bike Ride!

I have not been able to join my family for a bike ride since before Kaylia was born, and I LOVE biking, so this was an extremely significant day! My therapists have given me permission, which is a huge step for me. These weak birthing hips can ride again! (And maybe aren’t so weak anymore. Things seemed to go pretty well!)

bikingAnika was my photographer for the momentous event. I think she’s showing some skills!

The rest of the day, we spent time outside, playing games, having snacks, reading books, and eating supper.


gamessnacksuppersupperAnd then we had some Chocolate Avocado Pudding for a treat! This stuff is weird, and incredibly rich and delicious. Weird, because it makes no sense to me that you can put avocado, cocoa powder, almond milk, and honey into a food processor, and it becomes really delicious pudding…

Chocolate Avocado PuddingpuddingWhat did you do with your beautiful weekend?


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