13 Things I Love About Ben

We got our anniversary date in last night, and enjoyed a delicious meal at Mongo’s. Oh, I love that place.

Mongo'sSince I never wrote anything special for Ben on our anniversary, I decided to make a list – 13 things I love about Ben, for the 13 years we’ve been married. Obviously, I love more than 13 things, but here’s what I came up with, while I was sitting in my vehicle at Great Canadian Oil Change yesterday:

1) Ben is a fantastic listener.

That whole thing about women talking thousands and thousands of words more than men is completely true at our house, but he has always been patient and awesome about listening to me. Even when I wake up the next morning with a completely different perspective, Ben will re-listen to everything, and never make me feel as though I have useless things to say!

2) He is the wisest person I know.

I love getting his opinion and advice on basically everything. He has a completely different perspective than I do, and thinks things through very logically. He is godly, knowledgeable, intelligent, and understands people very well. I love hearing what he has to say, even when it makes me feel uncomfortable, because I know deep down that he’s right, but I wish he wasn’t…

3) Ben is slow to speak.

Proverbs says a fool has lots to say, but the wise man stays quiet, and I think of Ben. In a group of people, he will quietly listen to what everyone else is saying, but never let his silence fool you! And because he stays quiet much of them time, when he finally does speak up, everyone listens, and what he has to say is always worth hearing.

4) He helps around the house!

Because I’ve had tendonitis since we first got married, Ben has always been amazing about helping around the house. I haven’t cleaned a bathtub in years, and he’s started washing the floor for me, too. He’s an awesome cook, and always makes better stir-fry and pancakes than I do. (Stir-fry, because he just knows what seasonings to add, and pancakes, because he’s patient, whereas I try to multitask, and burn everything!)

5) He can always make me laugh.

He always has, and I’m fairly positive he always will….

6) Ben is great with kids.

He is always the dad who plays with all the children at the playground, while all the other parents sit around, watching. This continues to happen everywhere we go. He’s great with any age – babies always love him, but he’s awesome with teenagers, as well. I think he’s tired of me joking about him becoming a children’s entertainer if his current job doesn’t work out!

7) He loves our girls, very, very much.

I think both of us kind of wish we could have had a boy yet, too, but Ben is a dad like my dad was – I never felt he was disappointed with only daughters, and he has loved his girls and all that comes with us. Ben is the same way. He plays dolls and princesses, and never shows any regret over the fact that we’ve got a home full of females. I think he’s slightly unsure about the teenage years, but I’m sure he’ll come through just fine!

8) He helps me see the big picture.

I am the kind of person who gets stuck in the here and now. If I’m in pain, for example, then in my mind, I have always been in pain, and will always be in pain. Very depressing. Ben is able to take a step back, and see things with a better perspective than me.

9) Ben has always encouraged me to challenge myself.

If there’s something difficult or new I wish I could do, he is my biggest cheerleader. He will never hold me back from what I dream of doing.

10) Ben loves to research!

It is very important for him to take in lots of information, and make decisions slowly. Sometimes this drives me a little nuts, but for the most part, I think our life together has been much better for it. I tend to make decisions too quickly, and I appreciate Ben being slow, deliberate, and careful.

11) He makes everything more fun.

When the girls are grumpy, my strategy would naturally be to discipline them into choosing a better attitude! Ben just makes them laugh. He draws people together, and helps everyone have a good time, no matter what needs to be done.

12)  Ben is the best grocery shopper ever!

Again, this started because of my tendonitis, but it turned out to be a very good thing. He can remember all the prices, and does math in his head about 100 times better than me. I am also allergic to Superstore – my nose and eyes get wet and runny, and my head gets very stuffy, so I start making very bad purchasing decisions and can’t think straight at all. It’s better for everyone to have Ben do all the grocery shopping.

13) He is very humble, and will probably think this whole post is unnecessary. But it’s my blog, so I get to write what I want!:)

I love him so much, and feel incredibly blessed to be married to him!

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