Out in the Field

I took our girls to my parents’ farm this afternoon because it’s harvest time! They looooove combine rides. Just the two of them with Grandpa. And lots of snacks! I’m not sure if it’s the ride, or all the snacks they love the most!

combineDad and KayliafieldcombineAfter dropping the girls off with their snacks, I was going to drive back to my parents’ house, but I caught a glimpse of this old, abandoned farm…

farmfarmappleshouseThis house is only three miles from my parents’ house, and I never knew it was there! Crazy. Totally going back for a photo shoot with somebody. Someday.

Oh, the smell in the air! Dry, dusty, hot harvest. I love it! The farm girl in me rises up this time of year! Next time I’ll beg the girls to let me come in the combine, too!


2 thoughts on “Out in the Field

  1. I used to spend hours and hours with Jay in the various tractors/combines/swathers before we had kids but that has been slowly replaced by spending more time at home while the kids get to ride along. I miss it. Every year we try to cram as many people into the cab as possible and ride along. Last year all 7 of us were together in the combine but this year the most we had was 5 since the boys weren’t around. All the combining for us is done . . . for now . . . until the soybeans are ready. My kids love it, too, and I don’t even send snacks!

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