Making Summer Awesome – Week Four

We’re back from a fantastic week at the lake! Making summer awesome was very easy this last week!

flowermisty dockWe went back for a visit to our old beach at camp…

Red Rock Bible Camp KayliaWe relaxed, read lots and lots of books, did some puzzles….puzzles

…and soaked in tons of sunshine!

soaking in the sunshineWe took the girls to Rainbow Falls…

August 2013 557 August 2013 548 August 2013 575 flip flops

…and laughed at some ducks jumping over the falls!Rainbow Falls August 2013 532The week was hot, hot, hot, so we tried to spend every afternoon at the beach.

swimming kayak sand castleBesides just having a great time as a family, I think we accomplished a few other things, as well:

  • We experienced enough heat to make me ready for some cooler fall temperatures!
  • We relaxed enough to make me motivated to come home and get stuff done.
  • We were on vacation long enough to make us miss home, and be ready to come back!

It’s hard to say goodbye to a good summer, but I find the easiest way to deal with it is to go hard, squeeze every little bit of enjoyment out of it, and then move on to fall with no regrets.

But my friend Chantelle is right – summer is not officially over until September 22! I have a few more things on my list to enjoy…


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