Weekend Favorites: Rainbow Stage

My dear dad’s birthday is today, so we met up at the park last night to enjoy our annual Rainbow Stage outing.

Rainbow Stage

We always start off with a picnic in the park, and my mom always wants to take pictures of the food, and my dad just wants to eat. Now he has to put up with both of us taking food pictures!:)



She needed to get every last bit of chocolate…


After our picnic, we had a lot of time to kill before the show started, so we went to the playground, and climbed some rocks.

familyThis was Kaylia’s first time at Rainbow Stage, and it was fun watching her take it all in – big eyes, complete concentration as soon as the show started. (This picture was obviously not taken during the show – this is not a look of complete concentration. This is a look of complete goofiness, which is what she gives me every time I try to take a picture of her. At this point in her life, she is NOT capable of smiling naturally on command…)

KayliaAnika, on the other hand, is an old pro at the theatre, studying the program, andย  enthusiastically clapping at all the right moments, big smile on her face most of the time.

studying the program

Rainbow Stage

I love it that this is my dad’s favorite thing to do on his birthday.ย  Having all daughters, he’s seen his share of girly movies, like “The Sound of Music” and “Anne of Green Gables”, but he never complained, and always enjoyed those times with us. His favorite muscial is “Annie”, he plays the “Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat” soundtrack repeatedly, and he was totally ready to enjoy “Mary Poppins” last night, even though he had no clue what it was about. I don’t know how we missed that one in all our family movie nights….

So, if I would have any advice for dads out there, it would be this: Sit through “Cinderella” and “Tinkerbell” and whatever other movie your daughter wants to watch, and act as though it’s the most fantastic thing you’ve ever seen. Sharing something you love with someone you love is always special, and years later, she’ll still remember it!

Mary Poppins


2 thoughts on “Weekend Favorites: Rainbow Stage

  1. What a wonderful post! I had forgotten about Rainbow Stage but do recall going there a few times when I lived in Winnipeg. We saw The Sound of Music and it was fabulous. (Sadly, what I remember the most was a member of the audience who had a peculiar look about him/her and all evening I kept sneaking glances over trying to figure out his/her gender!) I love reading things like this about your dad – so true!

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