Back at the Farm

My sister is the Queen of Significant Events. She can find something memorable and significant about almost everything in her life, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when she called me up the other day, and announced, “This year, it is 20 years since I moved away from the farm, where I lived for 20 years.”

We marked the event with a photo shoot of her kids.


This was my first time doing a photo shoot with someone other than my own little family, and it was quite different! Because my girls are still pretty small, posing them isn’t too hard – just tell them to hold hands or wrap their arms around each other, and everything’s cute and ready to go.

But taking pictures of a teenager is a new experience! Holding hands and running off into the sunset was not an option.

truckFortunately, they were such good sports, and were very patient as we figured out some other options than hand-holding.:)

August 2013 309 August 2013 329

Amber August 2013 332 August 2013 338 August 2013 340 August 2013 347 August 2013 353 August 2013 408Damon

August 2013 411 August 2013 418 August 2013 427 After an hour of pictures, it was time to get my girls home to bed, but I was able to get one last shot of my parents’ farm while I was driving away…

sunsetPerfect ending!

2 thoughts on “Back at the Farm

  1. Just one thought – Karla should have been in some photos also 😉 Great pics to the kids – you are a great photographer, Kendra!

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