Making Summer Awesome – Week One

After my post on Friday, I sat myself down and made a list – what would I like to accomplish this summer? What will I make sure to intentionally enjoy, so this beautiful month of August does not slip by too quickly?

You can help keep me accountable – each week, I’ll post my list of what we’re doing to make this month amazing!

Clouds1) Get Anika to Camp!

This was an obvious one on our Summer Bucket List. Anika was at camp last week, and had a wonderful time, but I think all four of us were very ready for her to come  home this weekend.

There was a sweet reunion between these two girlies, and many repeated hugs throughout the day.


2) Big Birthday Bash for my Dad!

We spent a beautiful weekend at the cabin, and helped celebrate my dad’s 65th birthday. My sister even organized a ski show….

ski showski show

3) Spend Time with Family

Because my parents go to Florida for the winter, my family gets a bit disconnected during the year. I am so glad that we’ve been able to spend time together at the cabin this summer!

AmberswimmingcabinWe’re off to a good start! Can’t wait to share with you what we’re up to this week!

What are you doing to make summer awesome? I want to hear your list!

4 thoughts on “Making Summer Awesome – Week One

  1. My summer consisted of various summercamps and boy was that fun! We were supposed to go to my moms but my husband suffered a sprained neck and walking pneumonia at the same time so now we are just resting and recuperating:)

  2. Our summer is over. Katie started school last Monday (summer vacation is typically June and July here). However, we did have big plans and accomplished them! Both David and Katie both had their wisdom teeth removed. David went to summer school, shooting camp and then he and Mark went to the National Rifle Championships (for the 4th time) in Ohio and were gone for 17 days. Katie also went to camp but the big event of the summer was having five of her friends from out of town come for the weekend right after the guys left. We planned it for months and it was fabulous! We called it the Beach Bash. Yes, we are planning to do it again next year!

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