My Happiness is Growing

There is a garden center close to my house that always has the best gardening quotes on their sign. Anika and I had a favorite:  “We’re sow excited about spring, we wet our plants.”

But they have a good one up right now, too: “He who plants a garden, plants joy.”


I think it’s true. One of my favorite things to do each day is go out to our garden in the evening. I love to see how everything is growing. I love to water it or pull a few weeds. I think it’s right and good when we take joy and pleasure in growing things. I think God wants us to enjoy the beauty.

lettucegardengardenIt doesn’t really even make sense how happy my garden makes me, except that I think it’s a little taste of how God felt when He made the world and called it good.

Are you growing a garden this summer?

13 thoughts on “My Happiness is Growing

  1. Yes, yes, I am! Picked a few cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini and peppers yesterday and made a big taco salad for myself (burritos for everyone else). LOVE picking fresh produce. On Saturday we picked raspberries and had them with brunch. Today I will need to do something with all the sugar peas we have because it is just too much to eat – maybe blanch and freeze? Will need to do a little research since I have never had this many peas before! Isn’t gardening so very fun? And we always acknowledge that, though we plant, it is God who makes it grow and produce. We are very thankful to Him.

    • Totally agree with what you say about acknowledging God for the food our gardens produce. There’s something about gardening that makes it easier to connect our food back to Him, than when we buy it in a store! I never knew gardening could be so spiritual!:)

    • I know, hey? I never used to think I was like Dad at all, but when we start talking about plants at the cabin, I realize my passion for plants definitely came from him!

      • I doubt it. I’m not much of a gardener my mom was and i grew to dislike it but the tomato plants were a gift so i felt obligated to do it and i do love it but i think tomatoes are as far as I’m venturing:)

  2. I understand your pleasure at seeing things grow. I have a garden this year and I can’t describe how happy it makes me when I see those little tomatoes start to grow on the vine. They are a thing of beauty, and I always marvel that it actually happens! I also love watching the kids get excited about what’s growing in the garden. They especially love the raspberries! I don’t have a huge garden, but love to work with what we’ve got. Square foot gardening is the best thing ever!

    • It’s pretty amazing how much you can actually grow doing square foot gardening! I’m loving it too! Did you plant the raspberries, or were they there when you moved to your house?

  3. Remember those peas I mentioned? Well, I tried a new recipe today and it was SUPER yummy! I sautéed some sugar snap peas in a little olive oil and some minced garlic for a few minutes. Just before I took them off the heat, I added some minced fresh mint, also from the garden. A little grated parmesan cheese on top and it was done! Super yummy and totally fresh from the garden!

  4. We are but unfortunatelyot has been hit by hail not once, or twice, or three times, but four times. We have kinda given up hope….although our basil plant is doing well. We bought into a farm share type product and will have to get excited over that produce instead this summer. I did enjoy a lively fresh salad at your place when I was there.

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