Weekend Favorites

How was your weekend?

We thought it was pretty fantastic.

Kendra And Kayliaskiingbright sunshineWe celebrated my birthday a little bit.

birthday bannerAnd invited some friends to join us.

Joel and SarahAnd almost got attacked by sea gulls. For real.

sea gullsWhen you get too close to their babies, they start swooping at you. We saw poop dropping everywhere around us, and it’s a complete miracle that we didn’t get hit, especially since I’m such a bird poop magnet. I’ve been hit a number of times in my life, and am relieved that I didn’t have to ring in my new year with another splattering.

birdBenflowerWhat did you do over the weekend?


4 thoughts on “Weekend Favorites

  1. We celebrated my 50th birthday! Read some Agatha Christie, pedicure, Sunday School class breakfast, family dinner party, eating out, movies, sitting on the porch… all good!

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