35 Days of Favorites Winner!

Today is a good day.

I’m wearing a new pair of shorts. I accomplished the impossible yesterday, and found a pair that actually fit just the way I want them to. (Actually, I should probably give the credit to my friend Sarah, who will be my personal shopper from now on.)

I’m eating chips for breakfast. (That’s for all of you who think I’m too healthy.) My green smoothie just wasn’t filling me up enough!

I’m packing up for the cabin, and we’re celebrating my birthday there this weekend.


A friend I haven’t seen in years is visiting Manitoba, and is coming over this afternoon.

And…we’re finished 35 Days of Favorites! I get to announce a winner, and then we can return to normal blogging, which I’m looking forward to.

So. I’m pretty excited about today’s winner, because she really, really deserves to be the winner! She has entered every contest I’ve ever had on this blog, and has written the most comments for Days of Favorites, both this year and last year.

She is also a continual source of encouragement to me, both with blogging, and many other things in my life, so it’s fun to be able to give her a prize! 🙂 (Although I would have fun giving any of you a prize!)

The random number generator has decided that Chantelle Falk is this year’s winner!

Thanks so much for all of your comments, Chantelle! I’ll be getting your prize to you soon!

And thanks to everybody else for all of your kind words, lovely comments, and birthday wishes.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’ll see you on Monday. Time for me to go party.

2 thoughts on “35 Days of Favorites Winner!

  1. Ah, that is so exciting! (But I think it just proves I talk too much!). Actually, I love reading your blog and commenting on it. I love how you respond to most comments. And YOU, my friend, are a source of encouragement and inspiration to many people, including myself. I hope you have a fantastic weekend, partying it up!

  2. Happy Birthday Kendra!! Congrats Chantelle! I love your comments almost as much as Kendra’s blog:) Just finished up helping with my kids summer camp and I’m so tired but blessed and changed from it!

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