35 Days of Favorites: Longer Summers

I once read a book called More Hours in My Day. I don’t really remember anything I learned from it, but I can tell you this:

I have learned the secret to adding more hours to your day.

Summer, specifically….

Here it is: Move to a summer camp, live there for a few years, and then move away.

That will do it. The entire time we lived at Red Rock Bible Camp, I felt as though life was on fast forward. I loved it in winter, but summer whizzed past far, far too quickly.

Now that we’re living in Niverville, time has stopped going by at the speed of light, and I am loving the longer summers.


I noticed on Facebook the other day that the first batch of campers had arrived at Red Rock, and I was actually completely shocked. It felt as though summer should almost be over already, when I think about how quickly time past at camp.

Every time I look at the calendar and realize we still have the whole summer before us, I feel surprised, and then really, really excited.

I loved living at camp, and the energy there in summer was incredible, but I am ready for slow summer days.


I am ready for hot days at the lake, and camping (for the first time since Kaylia joined our family!), and every other good thing we can possibly squeeze out of these next two months.


Sweet goodness, you can take your time. I’ll pay for it with another slow winter, but it will all be worth it.

daisyfernsunsetWhat are your plans for this summer? Anything you want to be sure to do in the next two months?

2 thoughts on “35 Days of Favorites: Longer Summers

  1. We have so much going on this summer with all my kids in different camps and going to see my mom for our vacation and dentist appts we have a full summer

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