35 Days of Favorites: Flossing My Teeth

Oh, my poor dad. He’s asking when I’ll be writing an inspirational post again, but here I am, writing a post about flossing my teeth.

But don’t worry! The end is in sight! Only 10 more days of favorites, and then we’ll see how inspirational I am….

However, I am thinking that a post about flossing teeth could possibly be inspirational.

I read a post last summer about why it’s so important to floss teeth, and it was just the right inspiration at just the right time, and it led to the start of a new favorite habit.

dental floss

Obviously, I knew I was supposed to be flossing my teeth. I’ve heard it all a hundred times before.

The problem was that I’ve always hated flossing my teeth. It hurts, my gums bleed, I don’t have time, etc, etc.

But that blog post reminded me that there are super important health benefits to flossing teeth, and seriously, if there’s any healthy habit that’s quick, easy, and cheap to start doing, it would have to be flossing.

So I decided that in my 34th year of life, I would finally start listening to my dentist and my sister-in-law, who is really passionate about flossing her teeth, and kept encouraging me to do it regularly.

I started flossing, and it did hurt, and my gums did bled.

But I stuck with it, not even sure why, and after awhile, I began to notice that it didn’t hurt so much, and my gums weren’t bleeding anymore. I kept at it, and then I became aware of the fact that I was craving a good flossing each night.

Soon, I was at the point where I could not go without flossing, each and every night. How did that happen??!

Now I’m all obsessed with flossing my teeth, and I can finally understand why my sister-in-law kept talking about it.

Do you have any healthy habits you’ve decided to work on recently? Are you a fan of flossing?:) Any easy, healthy habit suggestions for me to try in my 35th year of life?!

3 thoughts on “35 Days of Favorites: Flossing My Teeth

  1. Although I don’t crave it, I do floss more than I used to. I’ve heard that you need only floss the teeth you want to keep.

  2. Mark and I started flossing regularly about three years ago. Now I completely understand the craving to floss. Sometimes I eve pick up floss In the middle of the day.

  3. I don’t like the feel of floss wrapped around my fingers and sticking my fingers all around my mouth so for me, I prefer those little flossers. That is the only way I will floss. Which I do . . . once in a very long while. Yes, I suppose I should increase it since I tell the boys they are supposed to! 😉

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