35 Days of Favorites: Getting Flowers

During the years we were living at camp, I could count on one hand how many times Ben bought me flowers. It was very difficult for him to get me any, because the surprise factor is almost more important for him than the flowers themselves, and smuggling a bouquet of flowers home from the city when we went in together basically every time was a bit of a challenge.

He managed to surprise me a few times, and it was very special, but most of my enjoyment of flowers came from the wild daisies growing everywhere in the Whiteshell (which we weren’t supposed to pick, because we were living in a provincial park).

However, now that we’re living in civilization once more, Ben has easy access to the flowers.

At first, this did not seem to increase my chances of getting flowers. But then, we joined a bunch of couples for a weekly Bible study group, focusing on better marriages, and my absolute favorite thing that came out of this was the session on a husband romancing his wife, which Ben interpreted as “buying flowers”. (If “flowers” were a love language all on their own, it would be mine.)

Since that session, I have enjoyed many beautiful bouquets of flowers, and I am quite delighted with the whole thing. I feel spoiled rotten, and I’m pretty sure our marriage will reach very romantic heights.


Someday, I’ll have enough flowers growing in our yard so I can pick them anytime, but until then, I’m extremely thankful for my very romantic husband.;)

What makes you feel “spoiled rotten”?:)


5 thoughts on “35 Days of Favorites: Getting Flowers

    • That’s so fun! I think ice cream would be even better than flowers! I used to dream of the day Ben would bring me Heavenly Hash ice cream, but now that I can’t have dairy, I guess that day will never come!!

    • Yes! I love foot massages. I’ve been having an issue with my feet, and my massage therapist has told me to get Ben to massage my feet as often as possible. I may never tell him when I start feeling better…:)

  1. Spoiled rotten for me is when Jay plans a date and tells me about it later. Like this Thursday, he was going to be going to the Bomber game with his brother and his brother’s friends (They have season tickets, we don’t). Someone couldn’t come so there was an extra ticket which Jason was going to use. When I was out and about yesterday, it turns out another ticket became available and Jay knew I would want to go. So he reserved the ticket and worked it out that the kids will go to Grandma/pa’s for a sleepover! That planning makes me feel spoiled. But so do flowers, though I hardly ever get them. Quick story on flowers – when my mom and dad were engaged, my dad lived in BC and my mom in Manitoba. There was a florist in Wpg he would call frequently to have flowers sent to my mom. He called so frequently, the florist recognized his voice and knew where to send the flowers without dad even saying. That is a lot of flowers. He still gets her flowers often, just maybe not THAT often.

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