35 Days of Favorites: What I Bought With Last Year’s Birthday Money…

This post is part of a series called “35 Days of Favorites”, in honor of my 35th birthday. You can read more about the details here

I bought a few things with last year’s birthday money. (I really love it that I’m 34 years old, and I still get birthday money! The one time of the year when I buy something frivolous…)

I bought a prize for the winner of 34 Days of Favorites. I bought myself a book which I’d been wanting to read for a really long time.

And I bought a camera bag.

camera bag

It changed my life.

I had my camera for about 3 months before I bought a camera bag, and things were a bit of a pain. I couldn’t really take it with me anywhere very easily.

I went on a trip to Ottawa, and couldn’t bring my fancy, new camera, which made me very sad.

My bag arrived a few days after I got home from my trip!

Fortunately, I was all set when we flew to B.C. for Ben’s grad.

It’s kind of heavy to lug around, but because taking pictures of new adventures is one of my favorite things to do in life, I lugged that bag to Mexico and Florida, as well!

It took me a long time to figure out what kind of camera bag to buy. I knew that I could buy a boring, regular bag which Ben would also be willing to carry in public for me, but I kinda had my heart set on this pretty bag from Jo Totes, long before I even owned a camera to put in it:

camera bag

I talked to my sweet and talented photographer friend, Jillian Tree, to get her advice on camera bags. When I told her that one of my biggest fears in buying a bigger, more expensive camera was that I wouldn’t take it out and use it, she advised me to go with a purse-looking type of bag.

She thought I would be more likely to grab it when running out the door with my kids, and it would be more convenient if I could put all of my “purse items” into my camera bag, and only have one bag to carry.

Her advice made sense, so I went with the Jo Totes bag.

I have only regretted it once or twice – when I’ve been tired from lugging baggage around in an airport, and my tendinitis is really bugging me, and I’m wishing I could just pass the bag off to Ben. But since it looks like a purse, I know he won’t want to carry it for me!!

Other than that, I have loved this bag. And since we’re not running around an airport the majority of the time, it’s worked out well!

Love it, splurged on it, and it’s always fun to grab it before I run out the door to take some photos!


Ever splurged on something you really wanted? Leave a comment and tell me about it! You might win a prize!

5 thoughts on “35 Days of Favorites: What I Bought With Last Year’s Birthday Money…

  1. I had once splurged in getting a large handbag to carry around my tool, my laptop.
    I was currently taking courses for Graphic Design down town and taking the bus with a bag which most wouldn’t expect to find a lap top inside gave me a sense of comfort that it would draw less attention to it and the likelihood of someone stealing it seemed to be less in my mind. That being said I can’t say that in Winnipeg I’ve never seen someone snatch a bag from an individual and take a run for it as you see in the movies. Lol. Still I loved that bag!

    • That’s so funny – the bag that doesn’t look like it has a laptop in it. That’s totally what I think about my camera bag – it just looks like a purse, so no one will suspect there’ a camera inside! Like we’re all undercover or something. Or very safe from theft.Because you’re right – it happens all the time in movies, but not so much in real life!

  2. We bought our dream car this year and haven’t regretted it. A Tesla Model S – all electric and drives beautifully. It can fit 7 (so room for our family and an extra person if needed!) and with gas prices rising, it feels good to avoid the gas pumps! 🙂 And yes even road trips are a possibility with this car.

    • That’s the best! We briefly talked about an electric car when we were shopping for a vehicle a month ago. How long have you had it?

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