Favorite Day of the Week

This post is part of a series called “35 Days of Favorites”, in honor of my 35th birthday. You can read more about the details here

I haven’t had a favorite day of the week since I was in high school and living for the weekend. I’m very glad not to be in high school anymore, but I miss the magic of Fridays.

Being a stay-at-home mom makes every day kind of the same, and kind of awesome, except when I am seriously needing a break.

Which is why I now love Sundays, with all my heart.

I am happy to say that I once again have a favorite day of the week.

Weekends, in general, make me pretty happy, because we all love having Ben home. Saturdays are nice, too – there’s pancakes in the morning, and happy music, and there’s some playing, but there’s also a whole lot of housework, and yard work, and getting things done.

But then, there’s Sunday. On Sunday, we rest and play, and nothing else, unless we absolutely have to.

If we do Sundays right, I can enter a new week feeling ready for anything. Around here, “doing Sundays right” means:

1) Napping

2) Spending time as a family

3) Going outside

Yesterday was pretty much a perfect Sunday. After a good nap, we went to the park for an impromptu soccer game with some people from church. Since Kaylia wasn’t really into the soccer game, we picked dandelions for an hour. I figured out how to make dandelion crowns, and suddenly had a line-up of little girls placing orders.

dandelion crown

After the dandelions, Kaylia and I lay in the grass and enjoyed the warm sunshine for half an hour. I think Nap #2 might even have sneaked  up for a moment or two.

lying on the grass

When the soccer game was over, we felt like going on an adventure, so we drove to the city, picked up some supper, and went to the duck pond. It was the most perfect evening ever. The sun turns that duck pond golden right around suppertime.

duck pond June 2013 011 June 2013 014 June 2013 006 June 2013 007 June 2013 009

And that was our Sunday. I am ready for the week.

Here’s the thing: I know there are many opinions out there on how Sundays should be spent – what “Sabbath” means, and how to go about keeping it holy. There are lots of ideas on what kind of work is okay, and lots of ways to justify the things we want to do, even if other people would not agree with our idea of how to do Sabbath.

Someday, I will read the awesome book about Sabbath which Ben tells me I would love, and someday I will write a post about Sabbath, but for now, I just have to say, from personal experience, that how we do Sunday affects the whole week.

I know what I need to do in order to feel rested and refreshed. I know what happens when I don’t do these things. Sometimes our schedule just does not permit my perfect little list of things.

But because we’ve figured out how to rest well, we can be intentional about making it happen as often as possible, and each week is better for it.


Do you have a favorite day of the week? What about a favorite way to rest? If you could list the requirements for a perfect day, what would they be?

4 thoughts on “Favorite Day of the Week

  1. Well a perfect day for me would be none of my five kids fighting, a date with my husband which is rare read a whole book take a bath with no interruptions and sleep through the night with no interruptions:)

  2. I always enjoy our Sundays, too! And they look remarkably similar to yours. On the occasion we cannot nap on Sundays due to events beyond our control (usually family gatherings), I feel the effect all week. Sundays are pretty sacred to us. On a side note, I would take Stacie’s day as a perfect day for me as well.

  3. I call our Sundays SONdays… as my husband get to spend that extra quality time with our son and no big tasks, such as yard work etc. allowed. But I agree Sundays are great to find rest and be ready for another week of days God has gifted us with. I would say Sunday are my favourite day of the week as well.

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