Some Items of Business…

Alright, there’s a list of things I need to pass on to you on this beautiful Wednesday morning:

1. Enter the draw! If you’re wanting to win a free copy of Naked Spirituality (which I wrote about in these posts), all you need to do is leave a comment, telling me what your favorite book is right now. You have until this coming Friday!

2. Everything is fine now. Since I publicly complained about my discomfort in this post, I thought I should let you know that the new vehicle has been bought, the nasty splinter has been removed, and I am even having rare moments of thinking that maybe, possibly…I might not mind my bangs…very much.

3. “35 Days of Favorites” starts this Friday. What??! Yes, that’s WAY earlier than last year, but here’s the thing: I did “34 Days of Favorites” after my birthday in July last year, which meant that I spent my whole summer blogging like mad, and felt like I couldn’t write about all the summery things I wanted to write about.

So we’re going to switch things up this year, and do “Days of Favorites” before my birthday, and end with a big bang on my birthday. Or something like that.

Which means I now have to come up with an awesome list of favorites, completely different from last year’s list of 34! Oh, my goodness, I’m glad I’m not turning 60! This project could get considerably more difficult as time goes by…

And that is all. We’re all caught up now! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Some Items of Business…

  1. I love your challenge…I am NOT doing a list of 59 favourite things — although I know there are that many in my life, but I will tell you my new favourite book right now…my ART Journal. hah, bet that is original — I stole an idea from pinterest and took an old book, a devotional book (Seasons of Life) and am going to paint every page! Hope I win.

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