Weekend Favorites: Real Life, Enhanced.

Well, that was a wet weekend, hey?!

My sister asked if I was going to post pictures from this weekend, and I said I probably wouldn’t, just because everything would look so grey and dreary and slightly depressing.

But then she said, “That’s what is real. It rained all weekend – that’s the way it was.”

I knew she was right. And when I got home, I was once again pleasantly surprised by what a little photo editing can do.

Not to change reality. Just to…enhance it a little bit.

So. Here’s my enhanced reality of this holiday weekend:

dirty dishesDirty dishes in the sink before leaving for the cabin. (And that’s a lovely shot of the new house going up next door. We need to plant some trees….)

partyA bit of a thrown together “Rapunzel” party for our soon-to-be birthday girl. (With Amber’s face completely hidden by flowers! Oops!)


Ben and KayliaGiddy about presents and birthdays and being at the cabin, in general.

with GrandmaReading stories in bed with Grandma.

And no, I have basically no pictures of Anika this weekend, because she disappeared with her cousin, Amber, and I barely saw her all weekend. I think they had loads of fun.

Next time, I need to stick my head (and camera) into their bedroom, and get a photo of them, too!

There, now, doesn’t that look like a lovely weekend? Because it was, even if it rained the entire time.

Enhance the good stuff, just a bit.

I wish you a lovely week, full of very wonderful, real moments!


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