Discomfort Keeps Me Flexible

I am uncomfortable.

My life is feeling very unsettled right now.

I like it when my life is neat and tidy, and there isn’t anything unresolved hanging around. This is kind of ridiculous, because all of my little issues are nothing, in light of real problems in the world. I realize this, but I just wish everything would get settled, and back to normal.

Here’s my list of discomforts:

1. Our van died last week, and I’m stranded at home until Ben can figure out what vehicle to buy.

Ben does not get stressed about anything except getting to the airport on time, and buying a vehicle, apparently. I didn’t know about that last one. Since he is always the calm one, and I am the stressed one, I’m feeling completely lost as to how to respond to this situation of role-reversal.

2. I got my hair cut last week, and in a moment of foolishness, I told the hairdresser to give me bangs.

I hate bangs.

We’ve been through this before.

I love how they look, but if they are going to fall into my eyes one more time, I might do something drastic. Like cutting them off at my hairline or something. Oh my word. I’m going crazy.

3. Kaylia has a splinter in her hand that she WILL NOT let us pull out. After yesterday, I’m sure the neighbours are almost ready to report us, because she screamed so loud.

We’re in the midst of trying all those awesome methods for getting splinters out, so we’ll let you know which one is the best option…


So you see, none of my problems are actually that serious. Ben would say, “First World problems!”

And wouldn’t you know, today of all uncomfortable, unsettled days was the day that I had a long talk with Anika about accepting discomfort.

I told her that when we have discomfort in our life, it keeps us from getting spoiled. It keeps us flexible, and gives us the opportunity to choose joy, even when things aren’t perfect.

When we choose joy, even in the midst of discomfort, we can enjoy life no matter what comes our way.

Isn’t that an awesome lesson to pass on to your kid?

I can’t stand it when I spout all this “wisdom”, and then I have to remember all of my own words later, mocking me.

Well, maybe they’re not mocking me, exactly, but it feels like it.

So I guess it’s time to listen to my own lecture, and remember that while I don’t have a vehicle to drive, my bangs are forever in my eyes, and Kaylia has a gigantic splinter festering in her skin, I can choose to accept the discomfort, learn to live in the tension, and choose joy.

My First World problems should clear up pretty soon. Ben will finally decide on a vehicle to buy, we will somehow get that splinter out of Kaylia’s hand, and my hair will eventually grow.

In the meantime, I guess this is my chance to embrace discomfort. I’m sure we can find some joy around here somewhere…



3 thoughts on “Discomfort Keeps Me Flexible

  1. I had this moment last week. When my first world problems of dresser drawers that don’t close and workout clothes that don’t have ipod pockets threatened to get the best of me. It’s amazing what little, little things Satan can find to sidetrack us from keeping our minds on things above.

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