In Search of Spring and a New Perspective

Whenever I need a change in perspective, I take my camera for a drive, and go find something pretty to photograph.


Yesterday was one of those days when I needed to get some new perspective. I was also hoping to find some spring.

Unfortunately, taking pictures around Niverville after six months of snow can get a little repetitive. I only have about three bunches of trees to photograph, so I was wondering if there was anything interesting left to find.



I had to work a little harder than usual, meaning that I waded through snowdrifts up past my knees, and I had to put more effort into being creative, but I came back feeling quite refreshed from the challenge.


And guess what – I did find spring! The snow is sticky and heavy, as though it doesn’t have much time left, and every branch holds the promise of buds, a few months from now.

Having conquered my challenge, I drove home to join my sweet family in the snow. They had been building forts while I was gone, and were ready to move on to snowdrift jumping.







We played until we were wet and rosy-cheeked, and then we went inside for soup and toast.


It was a perfect winter afternoon,  and knowing that it’s one of our last made it even better!

2 thoughts on “In Search of Spring and a New Perspective

    • Oh, that sounds great! I would love some different trees to photograph! Plus, I would just really love to see your house. Plus, I just always really like to see you! I see this whole plan working out well on many different levels…

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