Disney Lessons

We are traveling home today.

I kinda don’t want to go home, but really I do. The weather is so very beautiful here and it’s been a good week, but I miss my house, and my normal routine.

We’ve learned something important this week: Never go to Disney during Spring Break.


Oh, my word.

(That picture above is totally deceiving, because it is THE ONLY time all day when there were so few people around us. Not sure how that worked out….)

We didn’t know it was Spring Break down here – it isn’t, at home. But when we got here, we found out about the Spring Break thing.

I have a vague memory of thinking to myself, “Oh, well – how bad can it be??”

It can be bad.

There are actually people in this world who are willing to wait one hundred and thirty minutes to meet a young woman wearing a Cinderella costume.

Fortunately, we were able to skip the line, and our girls got to meet fake princesses to talk and hug and act bashful with.


We were still able to have a good time, in spite of the crowds, and we learned a few good things at Disney, too:

1) It’s pretty fun to watch a three-year-old experience Disney for the first time.


2) If you have food allergies, go eat at Disney. They will take amazing care of you! We’ve never been to a restaurant that handles food allergies as well as Disney does.



3) When the setting isn’t quite magical enough on it’s own, add fake bird noises. I knew the bird noises were fake, but they still made me feel really happy.


It was a fun day, and I’m hoping our day of traveling today will go just as well! Wish us luck!

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