What I Learned This Weekend

How was your weekend, everybody?


Mine was pretty fantastic. I learned some new stuff.

1. I learned that husbands are not the only source for flowers.

You can also go speak at the Ridgewood ladies’ retreat, and they’ll send you home with orchids, which is pretty awesome. I still really like the husband option, but those Ridgewood ladies took a bit of my heart home with them. If I didn’t already have a great home church, I think I’d be showing up there next Sunday….


2. I learned that I totally and completely love speaking to groups of people.

During my last hectic moments of trying to get four sessions finalized for the weekend, I had my doubts, but once I got out there,  I remembered why I could do it forever.

3. I learned (again) that God is so good and faithful and amazing.

I knew it before, but He kind of keeps surprising me, again and again. When we step out in faith and obedience, it always overwhelms me to see how God provides. It blesses and encourages me to see how He’s good to so many different people, He’s faithful and amazing in their lives, too. I love hearing people’s stories. Best part of the weekend.

4. I learned that support from the people I love is strongly felt.

I felt so much peace this weekend. There were so many people praying for me, and if you were one of them, thank you, thank you! It carried me through.


Some people have been asking for an overview of what I spoke about, which I will do once I decide whether to do it in writing or video form. In the meantime, I wish you a lovely start to your week!

8 thoughts on “What I Learned This Weekend

  1. Orchids are my VERY favorite flower. I have a few (6 pots – 10 plants) and I always want more. They are so easy to grow and such a beauty to behold when in bloom. Those ladies have good taste in flowers! And I am so glad the weekend went well.

    • Easy to grow?? Okay, tell me more! I’ve had two plants, and killed them both, but I love them so much! I would love to be able to know how to keep them alive!

  2. Most important thing – DO NOT OVERWATER!!! Are yours planted in long sphagnum moss or are they in bark chips? The ones in bark chips are much better as they don’t rot the roots. The ones in sphagnum moss will appear to be dry on the outside but are still wet on the very center and then the roots rot and the plant dies. So, if they are in bark you are good to go, if they are in moss I always transplant into bark and then all worries are gone. If they are in moss, you have to be extra diligent that you don’t overwater. Let that moss really dry out, almost to the point where the leaves look a little limp but not too shrivelled. They like light but don’t put them in a window – mine are in the livingroom on the coffee table and on top of the fireplace. The room has a west facing window so bright but not direct light. Some people mist theirs regularly to keep them humid but my house is humid enough that I don’t do that. And I fertilize them lightly but that is not really necessary. My one plant is maybe 3 years old by now and it is putting out a new flower shoot! You need some patience with them to get them to rebloom but it is totally worth it. Once your flowers have all fallen off, don’t cut back that stem. You may get it to rebloom from that same stem. You will be able to tell if the stem is going to die back or not because it will change color. But usually you will get another shoot off that stem that will bloom. Then you can trim down to the new shoot. Does that make sense? Anyhow, they really are easy – just ignore them a lot! 🙂

    • I will keep your tips in mind. The orchids I got were cut off of a plant, so I won’t be able to try growing anything right now, but I’d love to get another plant someday. I’ll come back to your words of wisdom then!

  3. Kendra you were truly the answer to our prayers! The retreat was made perfect with your very capable teaching. I will spread the word that you are available to speak at other events. And there is a standing invitation for you to visit us anytime. As for the orchids, they were compliments of Evangeline at Evangeline’s Flower Hut on Main Street Steinbach.

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