Oh, Picaken, How We Love You.

I am a very big fan of family traditions.We need them for Christmas, and Easter, and birthdays, and every other important day which needs celebrating.

Picaken is Ben’s birthday tradition. It’s still a young tradition – this was it’s second year with our family. But I can see it sticking around for a long time.

In case your family is in need of a unique tradition, here’s how picaken works:

You bake a pie:


And then you mix a cake:


After that, you put half of the cake batter into a pan, literally throw your pie into your cake, cover it up with batter, and bake that pie right into your cake.


pie in cake

So weird, right?! That’s why Ben loves it.

And no, it’s not healthy at all. But it’s one day of the year.

Last year, I made a mixed berry pie in a lemon cake. This year, Ben chose a cherry pie in a chocolate cake.


We’re already dreaming about next year. A peach pie in vanilla cake? Raspberry coconut? The options are endless…

What flavour combination would you suggest?


7 thoughts on “Oh, Picaken, How We Love You.

  1. Love it! Except now I’m going to have to make one! I really like the idea of a cherry pie with chocolate cake even though cherry pie is not on my top ten list. There is just something about cherries in chocolate cake – yum! I guess you would call it Black Forest Picaken! I think I would go strawberry with vanilla. Maybe too common but you can’t go wrong with classics! Or maybe blueberry! I love blueberry pie! So, how long do you bake the picaken? Since the pie is already baked do you bake the cake for less time? Can’t wait to see what you try next year!

    • Yes, strawberry with vanilla would be delicious. With lots of whipped cream.I found that the cake took about as long to bake as what I usually put it in for.

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