Birthday Boy

Today is my hubby’s birthday, and as some of you know, we have a little family birthday tradition around here of listing our favorite things each year, to record how each of us changes and grows.


Ben’s a hard person to do this with, however, for a couple of reasons:

1) He is so easy-going, it’s difficult for him to label something as his “favorite”. He likes a lot of things, but he’s not as expressive about it as the rest of us, and is not naturally inclined to feel very extreme about his preferences.

2) His memory can be a little on the sketchy side. While I could describe, in great detail, exactly what he was wearing on our first date, fourteen years ago, he has trouble remembering his favorite moments from this last year. Just another example of how God knew we needed to be together. I tell him all kinds of wonderful things about his life that he’s completely forgotten about.


But last night while we were eating supper, Anika helped me “interview” him, and we managed to list a few of his favorite things:

Favorite Breakfast: At home – yogurt and homemade granola; In a restaurant – an omelette with shredded hashbrowns

Favorite Lunch: A Bacon Cheeseburger, or some kind of sandwich on toasted bread with melted cheese

Favorite Supper: Enchilada Casserole

Favorite Snack: More yogurt and granola, or chips. (The smellier, the better, it seems to me. I will never forget the time we were driving along in the van late at night, and he pulled out a bag of chips to eat while driving, to help him stay awake. He opened the bag, and the smell of sweaty feet filled the vehicle. Unbelievable. And he ate them with a big grin. He always looks very pleased when he’s eating snacks, especially smelly ones.)

Favorite Things to Do: play hockey, golf, spend time with people, hang out with his girls, spend time with me 🙂

Favorite Books: Byzantium, Lord of the Rings

Favorite Thing to Watch: He said if he’s watching something with me, his favorite is Once Upon a Time, and if he’s watching by himself, it’s hockey or The 4400

Favorite Thing That Happened This Last Year: graduating


My Favorite Things About Him:
His wisdom, and his ability to choose his words very carefully.

His extremely calm, easy-going spirit.

His sense of fun, and ability to make anyone feel at ease.

His desire to try new things, and his steady stream of big, wild, new ideas.

His tendency to burst into loud and lovely falsetto singing at the most unexpected moments.

His ability to keep his priorities straight.

His passion for spiritual growth and discipleship.

His habit of coming in the door and calling out, “Hello, my girls!”


Oh, I could go on listing my favorites for a long, long time, but I have much to do today, in preparation for tonight’s birthday festivities. Food will include as much cheese, bacon, and mushrooms as possible, as well as the traditional “picaken”, later on in the week. ( I’ll be sure to share more details about the wonderous picaken once I have pictures!)

How do you celebrate birthdays in your family?

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