And Here We Are, At Home

So. Coming home from vacation.

Yesterday morning I was doing yoga by the beach, and by evening, I was home in the snow.


I’ve been thinking about the pros and cons to coming home.

My cons included:

1) No beach.

2) Being reunited with my winter jacket. (It is so much fun to run out the door without it.)

3) Loads of laundry, and suitcases full of sand.

4) Jumping right back into the regular, busy schedule.

But because there are two sides to everything, I must admit that I’m very aware of the pros to coming home, as well:

1) I missed our house. (And I really love sleeping in our own bed!)

2) I LOVE having good, clean drinking water running from our taps.

3) Flushing toilet paper down the toilet now seems like a luxury. (I kept forgetting all week! And then I felt super guilty about all the clogged toilets I was leaving in my wake. Now I can flush with freedom. I might throw extra toilet paper in just for the fun of it.)

I was going to come up with an equal number of pros and cons, but for right now, that’s all I’ve got.





Have a wonderful Monday, and flush your toilet paper down that toilet with a big smile of appreciation on your face.

Okay, want to help me out?! What’s your best “pro” for being at home, and not in some tropical location?:)


5 thoughts on “And Here We Are, At Home

  1. Honestly, I cannot think of one “pro” of being here after looking at your photos. Let’s see – chaos, cold, super-duper busy and tired here – sleep, warmth, beach, relaxation, no work, no chaos there. Yup, there wins out! Sorry I cannot be of much help.

    • Nope, that’s not much help! But it’s actually good to be home, even though the beach is pretty wonderful. I think vacation is only enjoyable for a certain length of time, and then we start craving routine. So maybe my fourth “pro” is routine! It’s good to get away from it, and it’s good to get back to it!

  2. Hmm, well since I’ve just come back from Thailand where it is 30 C and I didn’t have to cook any meals I’m feeling a little bit like you, I think. I am very glad to be home but I don’t know if I have a great answer to your question! I was without my children for 3 wks so coming home to be reunited with them was a pro for me. Seeing friends and family? Being back in your church? Sorry, can’t think of much! Maybe I’ll keep coming back here to see if others have given some ideas! Hope you can thoroughly enjoy being home, though!

    • Oh, being reunited with your kids must have been pretty special! I’m finding that spending time with friends is a very lovely “pro”! I love my family, and I love spending time talking with Ben, but I’m also very thankful for good friends to talk with!

      I hope that you adjust quickly to being home, as well, and that you have a wonderful time catching up with your kids!

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