A Year in Pictures

Last year, our family discovered how much fun it was to make a slideshow with our favourite photos from the previous year.

We did it again this year, and I have to say, putting music to your life makes it feel a bit like a movie, or maybe a musical, in which the sun is always shining, life is pretty awesome, and the music swells appropriately with the rise and fall of your emotions.

So here we go: the sunshiny version of 2012.

*As I’ve mentioned before, our friend Morgan is our favourite photographer ever, and many photos from this last year were taken by her. To check out more of her work, I highly recommend her Facebook album of her year in photos.:)

Here’s hoping 2013 is just as good as 2012 has been!

How was your New Year’s? Did you do anything memorable?

6 thoughts on “A Year in Pictures

  1. Great job putting that together! The pics are all beautiful! I especially love the one where you have the letters for family in there 🙂
    Yet again you’ve inspired me to do something like that to remember each year 🙂

    • Thanks, Terra-Lee! It is a great way to remember the year. Our girls watch those videos over and over again! Definitely worth the effort!

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