A Week in the Life – Saturday Photos

I liked this weekend.

We started off with our usual Saturday morning pancakes and Happy Music. Ben always, always gets out his laptop and plays our “Happy Music” playlist on Grooveshark. If he forgets for any reason, Anika shouts out, “Hey, we need Happy Music!”

While the girls were waiting for their pancakes, they got into the photo albums, which have been a big favorite of theirs over the last few weeks. (Can’t wait to add this week’s album to the collection for them to enjoy!)

After we finished eating, it was time for Saturday chores. Anika was extra motivated to get her chores done, because she was having a friend over mid morning, and she needed to be done her work by then. She’s been so excited, she actually decided to wash the bathroom floor on Friday night already, so that she would have less work to do on Saturday morning!

Her chores these days include dusting and tidying her room, cleaning the bathroom, and washing the bathroom floor. Once she’s polished up her bathroom, she puts signs on the door, letting us all know that we are not allowed to enter and mess it up!

Ben and I decided that this Saturday was the day for tackling our basement. We haven’t organized it since moving in six months ago. With Ben working on finishing up his Masters, there was a long list of projects we’ve put on hold until now.

Well, he’s officially graduated, so the list of projects is starting to shorten! Last weekend it was the garage, this weekend the basement.

Ben needs to build some shelves, but we feel much better about the current state of our basement:

We did some cleaning upstairs, too.

And then Ben did some grocery shopping with Anika while I stayed home and read books with Kaylia.

We all went outside for a little bit in the afternoon.

Ben shoveled our driveway, Anika helped, I walked to the mailbox, and Kaylia sat on the doorstep, whining to go inside. And I took a picture of our house, because I haven’t yet.

The big excitement of the afternoon was the delivery of our new Ikea bookshelf! My friend Sarah got a special pass, and went shopping at Ikea even though it doesn’t officially open for a week. She asked if I wanted her to pick anything up for us, so we requested this shelf for the girls’ room.

In the evening, after Kaylia was in bed, Ben went out with friends, and I finished watching “High School Musical 2” with Anika. After she went to bed, I had a quiet house to myself, which was kind of nice, for a change! As much as I love spending time with Ben, I also enjoy doing stuff on my own.

After that full day, we are ready for a relaxing Sunday!

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