A Week in the Life: Thursday Photos

I think everybody’s on the mend. Our morning started out pretty slow, but we seem to be headed in the right direction. Thank goodness.

After spending some extra time lounging around in pajamas, I got myself ready for the day.

Keeping it real.

Loving any homeschool work that can be done on the couch, under blankets.

Keeping herself occupied.

Keeping myself occupied. (I never read a book in the middle of the day, so this picture is a bit odd. But trying to recover from the flu is a bit odd, so there you go.)

Piano practice. (Who am I kidding? Every “practice” turns into a mini lesson. It’s extremely hard to be the teacher and the mom listening to the practicing! Fortunately, she seems okay with how things are going, and she should fly right along, having five lessons a week!)

Telling myself I feel completely fine, and heading to the city for some appointments.

Cold, cold, cold. I was a bit of a wimp today.

My beloved movement therapy. Giselle is just plain amazing. She is helping to transform my crooked back and twisted hips into something that could someday move in a graceful, effortless, painless motion. We’re hoping. It feels really good, anyhow. I’m walking much straighter already.

Back home in our cozy house, getting ready for bed. (We did eat supper, and spent some time with Ben’s parents, but I didn’t get a picture! Next time.)

Anika always stays up later than Kaylia, and spends some time reading and playing in our bed before quietly slipping into her own bed. She is longing for her own room, but we think she has a few more life lessons to learn while sharing a room yet! Plus, it is my favorite thing ever to go into their room in the morning, and find Kaylia in Anika’s bed, “nuggling”, as she calls it. They can share a room for a little longer!

Almost ready for bed ourselves, but it seems like the adult thing to do to stay up slightly longer than our children!

But a nine o’clock bedtime sounds kinda good…

Alright, we’re ready for Friday to be fantastic. Flu-free. Full of energy and fun. Yes?


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