A Week in the Life: Tuesday Photos + Stories

Anika threw up first thing Tuesday morning.

I was worried about how the day would go, but she was fine after that. She spent the day resting on the couch, and perked up around noon.

Kaylia was very eager to help make a bed for Anika on the couch, and offered to read her a story.

She continued to be very “busy” all day, saying the most hilarious things.

While she was getting dressed: “This dress is good, Mom. It’s long. It’s hollow.”

While helping me bake muffins: “Baking day is a lot more funner.”

While playing Polly Pockets: “Oopsy daisy, head! I threw it in the box!”

While playing paperdolls: “Pa is singing the Chippy Song: ‘We’re picking chips, we’re picking chips!'” (As in wood chips…)

I also took time to enjoy what Anika had to say. Once she started feeling better, she started telling stories with her dolls on the couch. She does not like it when she knows I’m listening, but she never noticed when I sat down at the table and started taking notes!

The following story is used by her permission, and was inspired by the book One Hen, which is just amazing, and is about an African boy who buys a chicken, and eventually saves enough money to buy a huge chicken farm.

Here is Anika’s version, in which Belle is apparently trying to buy an over-priced chicken from a farmer:
“That greedy little farmer,” muttered Belle as she left the farmer.

Then she went into the forest to pick some berries. Then she came back, had something to eat, and took her berries to the market to sell. She was able to sell her berries for a good price.

When she got home, her mother eyed the coins suspiciously. “My, you’ve sold your berries for a high price! You’ve done well,” her mother said.

Belle got her money, and went back to the farm. She left one silver piece and on small gold piece on the table for her mother to use.

She handed all her money to the farmer.

“Little Peep for all that money? I’m afraid not, my dear. It will take much more money,” said the farmer.

Finally, after three weeks of giving the farmer her money, he gave Little Peep to her. Belle knew her work was being accomplished….

….She would buy books, and then sell them to many people. They would poar over  them many, many times. It all happened because of her egg money.

When I wasn’t being entertained by my girls, I was doing housework.

And baking.

And reading Anika’s Social Studies book to her.

I wasn’t excited about a sick day, but it turned out to be a good one! We’ll see what Wednesday holds…


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