A Week in the Life: Monday

Our first day of “A Week in the Life” completed!

It was harder than I thought it would be, for the following reasons:

1) It’s dark a lot of the time! I do not like using my flash, which means that next time I do this little project, I shall do it earlier in the year when there are more daylight hours!

2) Anika suddenly does not want her picture to be taken. What??! This is a bad week to be telling me that!

3) Today was a pretty busy day. It’s hard to slow down and take good pictures when we’re away from home and running around. I had to keep reminding myself that I have all week to do this!

4) I remember now how tired I was of taking pictures by the end of my last week when I tried this! But I also remember how I felt it was truly worth it! So we will carry on.

Here’s what we came up with for today:

Waking up to a dark morning to do my devotions and exercising.


Driving into the city for the day. (Such a beautiful morning to go for a drive!)

Settling in to do some homeschool work at Ben’s parents’ house.

Playing paperdolls.


Work. (Ben took the girls to theatre class so that I could get some filing done for him.)

Drive. (We went to visit my friend, who recently gave birth to one of the sweetest little girls ever!)

Supper. (Anika requested a “breakfast supper” today, so when we got back from the city, we scrambled up a huge pan of eggs and veggies. Ben and the girls had pancakes and sausage, too.)

Bible Study. (Tonight was the last night of this fantastic study I’ve been participating in at our church. Ben stayed home with the girls while I rushed off after eating.)

Brush teeth. (At first she hid behind the door, but then I reminded her how much she had enjoyed looking at our scrapbook from the last time we did this, and then she came out!)

Shower. (I got ready for bed, after doing some work with my photos from the day and getting this blog post ready.)

Ready to try it all over again tomorrow!


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