A Week in the Life

Oh, guys, I’m excited! I’m starting a little project around here this week, and I’ll share a bit of it with you each day.

It’s a project called “A Week in the Life” and it’s inspired by Ali Edwards, who is just amazing when it comes to memory-keeping and photography. I tried it two years ago (which you can check out here), and it was a great way to take pictures of things I wouldn’t normally think to photograph.

The idea is to take pictures of all the normal, ordinary things your family does for a whole week, and put it all together in a book. At the time when I tried it, I felt really silly taking pictures of my sink full of dishes, or my pot of stew on the stove, but I pulled out that scrapbook the other day, I could not believe how many little changes have happened in our family since then.

We eat differently.

We play differently.

I take pictures differently!!

And I’m not changing diapers anymore!

The girls have changed so much, we’ve moved away from camp, and our family is just in a different place now, in a variety of ways. It was fun to look back and remember!

So we’re going to do this project again. I wish I’d done it last year, too. It’s a lot of work, though. I took hundreds of pictures last time, and getting them into some kind of book is time-consuming. (But is totally worth it!)

To make things easier this time, I’ve gotten a photo book ready on Blurb – my pages are prepared, and all I need to do is drop the photos in. I’m hoping it will be completed by next weekend, and ready to order!

For this next week, I’ll be sharing the pictures I take. Obviously, you’re never going to be as interested in my family as I am, but I hope that my photos can inspire you to stop and take note of all those little things in your life that make it what it is.

What details do you want to capture forever, even mentally, if not physically with a camera?

5 thoughts on “A Week in the Life

  1. I love your pancake picture. 🙂 With the steam wafting up off of the scrumptious looking hot cakes and the coffee cup waiting in the background, promising to complete the meal with delicious richness. It belongs on a restaurant wall or something. 🙂

  2. I would like to see a finished picture of your entry way “nook” that you were working on. I love this idea of taking various pictures.

    • I would like to see that finished picture, too!! And it will happen. Soon! The Winnipeg Ikea opens next week, and that’s what I’ve been waiting for! I need to pick up a few things, and it’s far cheaper to get them at Ikea!

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