Let the Party Begin

I was sitting in our living room one evening, almost four years ago, when Ben came in and said, “What would you think about me starting my Master’s this spring instead of next?”

I have no idea how I responded.I just remember the question. And I remember feeling slightly panicked, because we had a baby on the way, due to arrive in spring. The original idea was to wait until our baby was a year old before Ben started his Master’s. But he explained all of his reasons for starting early, and they seemed to be good, logical reasons. I calmed down enough to recognize the benefits of Ben starting early, and after that, everything just seemed to fall into place.

And that was the beginning of our adventure.

There is no question that Ben was the one who learned the most from this whole experience, but I’ve been surprised by what our whole family has also learned through the process. It has challenged and stretched us in ways which were difficult at the time, but for which I am extremely thankful for now.

There was Kaylia’s early arrival while Ben was still in BC, attending his first class.

There were many weeks of him attending classes while I tried my hand at single parenting.

There were many sad goodbyes, and many joyful reunions.

I am extremely proud of Ben for working so hard, and for the ways in which he has grown and developed as a person during these last three and a half years.

And now, after all the time we’ve spent trying to figure out how to adjust as a family to the different challenges of Ben working on his Master’s, it is really exciting for the four of us to be in BC for Ben’s graduation ceremony.

We flew in yesterday, and the party starts today. We’ll spend the weekend attending different events, and then we’ll take a few days to relax and do some sightseeing as a family.

Kaylia on the plane

I’m sure I’ll have lots of pictures and adventures to share with you after the weekend!

3 thoughts on “Let the Party Begin

  1. Congrats, Ben (& family)! I’m really trying not to be jealous but it’s going to be hard as I hammer out yet another paper next week and still have 18 months to go for my big day of celebrating!

  2. Congratulations Ben, Kendra and family! To have embarked on such an adventure certainly required a family commitment, and sarcrifices from everyone. I’ve come to learn that it takes a village to complete a gradulate degree. So glad you are all there to celebrate together. Party on!

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