Picking Apples

Yesterday was a beautiful afternoon. It reminded me how much I really like fall. It’s been awhile since we’ve spent time together, but I’ve always been good friends with fall.

We drove out to my parents’ house, and spent the afternoon picking apples. It was one of those times when I had all of the pictures in my head long before my camera ever actually took them.

That can be disappointing sometimes, if things don’t live up to the expectations in the head.

Fortunately for me, much of the afternoon went exactly as I had pictured it.

But pictures can make everything look so perfect, hey?!

Pictures don’t tell you that Anika only picked for about 15 minutes before she wanted to go play.

Pictures also don’t tell you that Kaylia got extremely tired of me picking apples, and whined for me to go inside and play dollhouse with her. (Maybe I should have taken a picture of her crying in the apples. It would have rounded things out a bit!)

Pictures don’t tell you that by tonight, I’ll have cooked so much applesauce,I’ll be wishing I had never seen an apple in my life.

Aw, who wants to know all that stuff, anyway?! I’d rather look at the pictures, and remember the good parts!

Do you have any pictures in your head for this fall? Any memories you’re hoping to make?

4 thoughts on “Picking Apples

  1. Those apples look so tasty, Kendra! I’m sure you’ll be so thankful for the huge amount of fresh applesauce in the winter! Can I ask…do you waterbath can your applesauce? My sister in law picked a huge amount of apples for me and I will be going to work making my own applesauce and apple butter in the next few days. I’m always curious as to what other people do to can their sauce! And these are wonderful pictures. And it’s okay to just preserve the “nice” parts of the memories. Later in life it will only matter that you had a wonderful moment with your daughters. Even if it was short lived! 🙂 Now we really need to make a “walk-about” date with our cameras. Baby will be here soon and I would love to go and capture some of Fall with you before she comes!

    • Well, I hope I’m thankful in winter! Right now I’m going crazy! I’m just freezing my applesauce in ziploc bags. My mom said she never bothered canning her applesauce, but I guess it just depends on how much freezer space you have.

      I like what you said about the nice memories being the only ones that will matter later on. So true! I don’t really want a picture of Kaylia crying in the apples!

      And yes, we definitely need to go on a photography date!

  2. I thought about just freezing it. I don’t have the freezer space. We buy our meat in bulk so our freezer real estate goes quickly! My mom brought me a bunch of jars, lids and rings. I suppose I have no excuse to not can them. It’s really only supposed to take 10 minutes in the canner. I keep wondering why I come up with these projects when I don’t actually have the energy to do them! But for some reason I have it in my head that my children will be eating fresh applesauce all through the winter! We should make that date soon! Feels like time is ticking away at warp speed for me! Only 4 weeks until my due date!

  3. I have a picture of Rheanna crying when she was about 3 and it is one of my favorites – I always laugh at it. But it was so her, the expression in her eyes, the shape of her mouth – sometimes it is okay to take pictures of the “less-than-pretty” since they just might become a treasure. If not, you can always delete them later! 🙂

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