34 Days of Favorites: Books to Read Aloud

My favorite thing to do with our girls is read to them. Ben and I both love books, and are thrilled to see how much our girls love them, too.

A perfect afternoon for me is getting all snuggled up with Anika and Kaylia, lots of pillows and blankets, and some good books.

Here’s a list of what we’re reading right now:

Anne of Green Gables – I have been enjoying reading this one to Anika for the first time. Because I loved it as a kid, I find it so much fun to experience it all over again with Anika. She throws back her head and laughs, or covers her mouth and squirms in anticipation of what will happen next in the story.

Interestingly enough, Anne’s dramatic character is increasing my appreciation for Anika’s own flair for the dramatic.

At times, parenting a dramatic child has overwhelmed me, and I have not always focused on the positive. I worry about the extreme highs and lows Anika experiences, because I’ve learned from my own past how tiring this emotional response can be.

But as I was reading Anne of Green Gables to Anika, I came across this quote:

For Anne to take things calmly would have been to change her nature. All “spirit and fire and dew”, as she was, the pleasures and pains of life came to her with trebled intensity. Marilla felt this and was vaguely troubled over it, realizing that the ups and downs of existence would probably bear hardly on this impulsive soul and not sufficiently understanding the equally great capacity for delight might more than compensate. (p. 178-179, Anne of Green Gables)

I believe it to be true. Anika’s capacity for delight is great. And I believe in celebrating her personality, while still giving her the tools she needs to navigate through life in the future. Although “Anne” is a fictional character, I’m finding wisdom and comfort in the words of these pages!

The Complete Collection of Brambly Hedge – Both girls have been enjoying this collection of stories, and I consider it no chore to read this book repeatedly to them. These stories are about a little community of field mice, and they are completely delightful. The illustrations are beautiful and imaginative. We study the detailed diagrams of the homes and tunnels made by the mice, and are enchanted by their little world depicted so well.

We’ve read it enough times by now that Anika is ready to move on to something new, but Kaylia is still going strong with the “mouse book”, much to my delight!

Little House in the Big Woods – When Anika is busy doing her own thing, I’ve started reading the first book in the Little House on the Prairie series to Kaylia. She loves the story, but has not yet grasped the concept of chapters. She insists on beginning with the first chapter each time we sit down to read.

We’ve read Chapter One over, and over, and….over. She has got the process of making smoked venison and sausages down pat.

I hope we can move on to other chapters soon, but in the meantime, we will keep memorizing the steps involved in butchering a pig!!

There are so many amazing children’s books out there to enjoy, and I keep finding new magic in discovering them all over again together with my girls!

I would love to hear your suggestions for good children’s books! Any favorites from your childhood, or suggestions you are enjoying with your own kids right now?

10 thoughts on “34 Days of Favorites: Books to Read Aloud

  1. My oldest daughter lives to read An American Girl books. I read them as a little girl. I think it’s so amazing when your children read stuff you read when you were a kid

  2. Oh, I LOVE Anne of Green Gables too! I own the series but have to admit I don’t think I’ve ever actually read them. I just watch the movies over and over. 🙂 I also have the book set of Little House on the Prairie. We’ve never actually read chapter books to our girls before. We’ve read them just your “normal” story-books, and then of course now they read on their own…but what a fun idea to actually read them chapter books like this!

  3. I distinctly remember hearing at the homeschool conference last year to read out loud to your children daily, to read out loud over and over and over again books that are just beyond their comprehension level, that use wording more sophisticated than they would normally use. This “reading-out-loud” of really good literature causes them to increase their vocabulary and increases their comprehension of so many different things. With that in mind, I read to the kids about 1/2-1 hour each day during school – we have read the Narnia series, the Lord of the Rings series, the Little House on the Prairie series (not quite as enjoyable for the boys), and have intentions of reading more this year from other classic writers (not saying LOTR is a classic but it certainly allows for great discussion!). My 9 & 7 year old boys still snuggle with me while I read and that is worth it all! 🙂

    • Lord of the Rings! Ben would be in literary heaven if he could read LOTR to Anika. At what age do you feel kids are old enough to read those books? Although it would probably vary from kid to kid as to what they can take in. I remember being scared when I read those books at 22!

      • I would say it would depend on your kids’ imagination. Kids cannot image things as graphic as they are depicted on TV and since my kids don’t watch violent things on their videos (and they don’t watch any TV) they don’t have a reference point for such violence. I was sure to read them in the mornings just in case there was any nightmares but there wasn’t and the boys loved them! I would certainly agree that it depends on your child and their ability to imagine. Jason said “The Hobbit” was read to them in school at grade 5 and he had no problem with it.

  4. The Little House series is sooooo good. American Literature at its finest. We read it aloud to our girls this past year.

    Right now, we’re in the middle of book three of “The Borrowers” series, which isn’t nearly as mesmerizing as the other chapter books we’ve enjoyed together.

    Have you tried “The Indian in the Cupboard”? That’s a super fun one – adventurous and imaginative. http://amzn.to/RufydN

    • Oh, we LOVE “The Indian in the Cupboard”! I cried at the end. I was trying super hard to keep my voice steady while I read aloud, but I wasn’t really able to do a convincing job! That story is beautiful.

      I didn’t know there was more than one book in “The Borrowers” series. The first one was kind of fun, but definitely not the best we’ve read.

      I think “The Little Princess” might be my all-time favorite!

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