34 Days of Favorites: Home

I heard a song the other day which started with this line:

They say one day you’ll look out your door, and you’ll find you’re right where you belong. (“How I Love You”, by Rob Laufer)

And then I almost started crying.

Because that line speaks of the longing I’ve felt for a few months. It promises that transition will pass, and everything will settle into place, so slowly and surely that you won’t even know it’s happening.

I would very much like to look out my door, and find I’m right where I belong.

I think we’re getting there.

Right now, when I look out my door, I see weeds everywhere, half-finished houses, trucks parked randomly all over the place (sometimes on our yard, which crushes our beautiful weeds! Oh, no!), and lots of shirtless construction workers, which I’m getting really tired of.

When I told Ben this the other day, I said something like, “I can’t wait for the day when I can look out our windows, and NOT see half-naked men everywhere outside our house.”

Ben thought this sounded as though these half-naked men were standing right outside our windows, peeking in, and suggested that maybe I was being a little extreme.

Whatever. Let’s just say I’ll be thankful when the construction is finished, our street settles down, and we all plant some grass. Looking out my door will be more pleasant at that point.

I do have to say that despite the construction and weeds, this is feeling more and more like home all the time, and I am extremely thankful for the growing sense of belonging.

And I love our house. I really, really love our house. When listing my favorites of this past year, a new house would definitely have to make it on the list.

This is the second time Ben and I have been part of the building process, and I love it so much, I would do it again! It can be very stressful, and there are seemingly endeless amounts of decisions to make. A few times, it did feel as though I might lose it completely, and run out of the flooring store, wringing my hands and weeping because I couldn’t make one more big decision.

But now it is done, and it’s our, and it’s home. Love, love, and love.

I think my favorite thing about our house is that it looks like us. That sounds completely strange, but what I mean is when you come in the door, you see spread out before you everything that Ben and Kendra love. (Maybe a bit more Kendra than Ben….but I think our taste is similar enough that he’s happy with the outcome, too!)

It is open and bight and airy. The windows are huge and let in a ton of light. Dark floors, white kitchen, calm soothing colors, everything that makes me happy. (Some of it is a pain to clean, but I will choose to focus on loving the way it looks, and being thankful for all things Norwex.)

And I realize we’re spoiled rotten. Being able to build a new home not once, but twice, is really amazing.

Ben dreams of wild and crazy adventures all over the world, and I dream of growing old in Niverville, living in this house and growing apple trees in our backyard.

We’ll see what happens.ūüôā

In the meantime, I have to say that coming home to this house has been a highlight of the last year for me.

Maybe looking out my front door is not a beautiful experience, but coming in the front door definitely is!


Okay, your turn! Tell me what you love about coming home.

And here’s the list of the favorites we’ve covered so far:

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5 thoughts on “34 Days of Favorites: Home

  1. Reminds of a wonderful country song called “Front Porch Looking In” – all of his favorite things can be found when he stands on his front porch looking into his house. Anyhow, we are working on the house and it already feels like home. I have firmly believed from the moment we bought this property that this was for us – that this was home. The possibilities are practically limitless as to what we can do with the property but I know each and every day – this is home. And I love it. Not always loving all the decisions that need to be made (what is it about flooring that causes so much stress?) but loving the journey and looking forward to the destination. And someday really soon, in the blink of an eye, your street will be developed and the workers will have moved another street over. 5th Avenue Estates practically popped up overnight and we have watched it happen.

    • I think it’s amazing that by the time your house is finished, you’ll already have spent so much time there, it’s “home” long before you ever move in!

  2. I LOVE my home, too. There are always things I’d like to change…I’ve never gotten the chance to start from scratch…maybe someday. But, I think it’s the concept of HOME, more than the actually house. It’s comfortable and safe and helps us feel secure. We know what to expect here. We just spent the weekend camping with my family…we had fun (in the rain!)…but we were SO GLAD to be home at the end of it. I just breathed a sigh of relief when we walked in the door. For me, home rivals the adventure of camping ANY DAY!! I’m not really that adventurous, I guess. OH, WELL.

    By the way, your home looks lovely. I’m always glad for pictures of it but I know I should just come over and see it for myself. ūüôā

    • Yes, you should come over for a visit! Let me know if you’re ever on your way to Rosenort, and have time to stop in!

      And you’re right – it has far more to do with “home” than with the building. Our little old duplex in the woods was “home”, and now this new house has become “home”. I’m glad it can work just about anywhere!

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