34 Days of Favorites: Pinterest

Okay, so I know this favorite isn’t original at all, as most of the women in North America are obsessed with Pinterest.

And with good reason. It’s amazing.

But I’m not obsessed.


My goal is to enjoy it’s benefits without allowing it to take over my life!

So, why do I love it?

Basically, it’s a fantastic way to search for ideas, and store what you find in an organized, online space. Before I started using Pinterest, I would find all these great ideas for recipes or crafts, but I didn’t have a good system for keeping track of them all.

Pinterest is wonderfully visual, and now I can remember the new ideas I want to try.

And are there ever things I want to try! Cleaning tips, organizing, home decorating, recipes….It would be very easy to let Pinterest overtake life in general.

My strategy for attempting to keep this wonderful beast under control is to only go to Pinterest when I’m searching for something specific, or when I have the time to really enjoy it. No peeking during the day when I have other things to do.

I really appreciated this blog post by Joshua Becker about how to use Pinterest as a resource, rather than an obsession.

So there you have it. If you want to check out Pinterest, click here.

Okay, confession time! Who’s jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon? Love it or hate it? Any tips for keeping it under control?


Just to let you all know, I’ve been making a few changes to my blog, and have added a “Favorites” menu at the top of the screen. I’m working on listing links to past blog posts, in order to make it easier to search for specific topics. Feel free to check it out for some extra reading!

6 thoughts on “34 Days of Favorites: Pinterest

  1. I am on Pinterest only because a friend invited me. I knew it was by invitation only but I didn’t pursue the invite. When one popped up unexpectedly in my inbox, I took it. However, I have not been obsessed by it at all (for which I am mighty proud). I think it is a great tool but I keep it under control by being insanely busy and just having no time to spend on it. Works well so far! 🙂 Finding great design/decor ideas for the house is the part I am interested in the most right now but could see branching out into recipes and craft ideas.

  2. My way of keeping it under control is to try to only pin things that are realistic; ones that I think I could/would actually do myself. I don’t pin anything that is out of my reach – financially or otherwise – and just use it for inspiration. And then of course, I try to put into practice at least one pin a week!

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