34 Days of Favorites: New Friends

I love sturdy, old friendships that have stood the test of time.

But I have to say, I’m also totally loving new friendships right now. Having just moved a few months ago, new friendships are a new favorite we’ve been experiencing around here.

People find this hard to understand, because we moved back to the town we previously lived in for five years. But things have changed a lot since the last time this was home. We have some old friends here whom we love a lot, but we’re excited about new friendships, too.

Funny how I didn’t think much about that before we moved. I was very concerned about Anika’s social needs, wondering how she would adapt and make new friends, but I never considered my own needs.

Yet here I am, surprised by God’s goodness, over and over, as He sends people into our lives.

There are two women who have saved me since our move. Saved me, because I’d forgotten how life can feel a bit dumped upside down after moving.

And then they showed up, and now I can find my way again.

One of them is not technically a “new” friend – I knew her in college, and then we lost touch, and I hadn’t seen or heard from her in many years. But we connected again this last year, and now she brings all this richness into my life which blesses me and makes me feel like this place could be home.

She calls me up and asks if she can quickly drop something off for me, and then she spends a little bit of time sharing life with me.

I don’t think she really knows what she truly does for me, just by giving me the gift of spontaneous connection – by showing up at my door with little notice, the way I’m used to from all those years at camp.

And then there’s my sweet new friend whom I’ve written about here and here. She phones on a Saturday night, wondering if it’s too last minute to ask if we can go for coffee.

I’m so tired from the day, but suddenly I realize that a good long talk and a change of scenery is exactly what I didn’t know I needed.

She drops me off at the end of the evening, and we still stand talking in front of my dark house, my family all fast asleep already, and finally we have to cut ourselves off from so much to say, because we’ll carry on next time.

I didn’t know there was an emptiness that needed to be filled until these ladies started to fill it. I already have some wonderful friendships, and wasn’t really thinking I had a huge need to add to the collection.

But oh, do I ever! Because who could say no to such rich gifts!

So when Ben says a new family has moved down the street, my first thought is, “Thank goodness I made extra chocolate chip squares. We can bring some over tomorrow evening.” I was shown such warmth and welcome, it makes me want to pass it on.

But my very next thought is such a silly one: “Maybe that would be weird – they have so many neighbors right around them that are probably welcoming them here already, maybe they don’t need us to stop by, too.”

What, because they might make too many friends on this street? Or they’re not feeling as dumped out in a new life as we were? Because it’s possible to feel too welcomed to a new home??


Good grief, grab the squares and get over to their house! What if everyone were thinking the same thing? “Someone else will do it.”

Yes. Someone like me.

Because it’s all about people. And my life is so full and rich, with old and new, and I am thankful.

Now I have to ask – have you ever made a completely unexpected friendship? Are you having any current adventures in making new friends? Do share!!

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8 thoughts on “34 Days of Favorites: New Friends

  1. Yes! I have made unexpected friendships! And in much the same way as you’re describing. I have the most wonderful neighbors around me, and we’ve had the opportunity to form such unique friendships that I never thought possible. I didn’t know we could feel like a community in Winnipeg. But that’s what we’ve got here…a community. We look after each others kids, help each other out whenever possible, and make sure each other is generally just okay. All these wonderful people make my life rich. We have new neighbors moving in across the street and I’m excited to bring them cookies really soon! I love doing that for new neighbors. You’re right Kendra. I think we all think “someone else will probably do that”, but they might not be, and who cares if they are?! The more people who bring treats, the better. I think cookies can build community. And isn’t that just wonderful?

  2. Well, I brought over fresh muffins to my next-door-neighbour when she moved in a few years ago. I wasn’t really expecting much to come of it – but it turns out we ended up becoming attached at the hip! And so did our daughters. 🙂 Our friendship has changed over the past couple of years as she has made many other friends (and I’m more of a hermit), but it was definitely unexpected.

  3. New friends? Hmm. The very first time we brought “welcome-to-the-neighbourhood treats to a neighbour, we (as in our whole family, which can get very intimidating) met a family with kids our own age. I can talk to the mom whenever I want, our boys love their son and our girls love their daughter. We watch each other’s kids when needed and can chat about anything. Another friend I made a little more unexpectedly – “thrown” together at a MOPS table and then discovered she, too, lives on our street. She has blessed me in so many ways. It is a treat to just walk over and chat late at night knowing each of our families is sleeping and no one is needing us. I will miss those drop-by-unexpectedly-and-chat visits when we move (but then they just become more intentional). New friends are such a gift, aren’t they?

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