Interrupting “34 Days of Favorites” to Say Thanks

Oh, you guys.

I have to interrupt  my little blog series to tell you all that you’re amazing.

When I started “34 Days of Favorites”, I thought I would write some posts, do a little give-away, and have some fun.

But then you all showed up, and made it so much more than that. First of all, you keep showing up. What??! Thanks for caring. Thanks for the interest you show. Thanks for keeping on reading what I keep writing, and for being here.

Then there’s all the comments. I love them! The suggestions, tips, and favorites shared by all of you have been fantastic. I send out some thoughts on life, and you send back these gifts from your own life, and it’s just great. Really.

And then you comment on each other’s comments, and now….now we have community! I had no idea it could be this much fun!

So thanks for sharing of yourselves. And if you’d rather just enjoy other people’s comments, and not make your own, that’s great, too! No pressure to speak up. But thanks so much for whatever way you’re contributing, because I’m loving it, and can’t wait to read more suggestions and feedback from all of you.

And if you’re just joining in (start here), or missed some favorites along the way, here’s a list of what we’ve covered so far:

Serious Music

Happy Music

Apple Cider Vinegar



TV Show



2 thoughts on “Interrupting “34 Days of Favorites” to Say Thanks

  1. Love reading the days…don’t have much time to respond because Internet is not always available. Just so you know I told mark about smiling and we are trying to choose to smile even through the stress of moving.

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