34 Days of Favorites: Serious Music

Yes, we love to dance around the kitchen to spunky music, but there are also times for slowing down and listening to worshipful music.

I don’t often think to turn on music throughout the day, but Ben loves to have music wherever he goes. He started using this site  when finding music online for me to listen to, especially in the last year as I’ve been trying to have better control over my thoughts. Having worshipful music playing can be such a great reminder to refocus my thoughts, and Ben loves to help me out by finding my favorite spiritual songs.

A while ago, I noticed he’d added a new song I’d never heard before. As I sat there listening to it, I started to cry. It hit exactly where I needed it to that evening.

It’s called “Blessings”, by Laura Story, and it’s for anyone who has or is experiencing pain and wondering why God allows it. There is so much that could be said about the lyrics, but you should really just listen to it. You’ll know exactly what I mean!

What’s your favorite song to listen to when you need to get things on track again? Please share!

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See you on Monday, with more favorites!

11 thoughts on “34 Days of Favorites: Serious Music

  1. I’ve heard that song before but it was such a good reminder again. Somehow I remember having a similar emotional reaction to it the last time I heard it…and yet the reminder of what it says obviously didn’t sink in enough because I needed it again. I KNOW God is in control and He knows what’s best but living like I know it doesn’t always come naturally.

  2. We have always enjoyed this song as well, and Wally usually turns up the volume when CHVN plays it. I find it particularly meaningful considering the difficulties Laura Story has experienced in her own life with her husband’s brain tumor. However, my personal favorites to “get things on track” are 1) Jesus Saves by Jeremy Camp (such a powerful reminder of what really brings meaning and purpose to my life) and 2) Something Beautiful by the Newsboys (reminds me to enjoy and appreciate all the beautiful things that bless my life each day even in the most ordinary ways).

  3. I so often have Christian music playing when I’m just at home or in the vehicle too. It’s so great to have those kinds of thoughts be filling my mind than thoughts from other songs out there on the radio. And these wonderful Christian songs are what gets engrained into my daughters’ minds too – they know so many songs off by heart and it’s just so encouraging to hear them belt away to them with the positive messages soaking into their little minds!

    I don’t think I have a favorite song at this point – but my favorite groups are Casting Crowns and Downhere with many other individual songs by other artists sprinkled in too!

  4. I notice a huge difference in my mood when I have been listening to worship music. It gives me that focus for the day that is sometimes lacking. Currently I love “10000 Reasons” and “Blessings,” as you mentioned (funny that if the kids hear it on their radio downstairs, they come rushing upstairs to tell me my favorite song is on the radio so then I turn it on, crank it up and cry).

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