34 Days of Favorites: Movie

We don’t watch a lot of movies around here anymore. Ben says we’re getting old – bedtime ends up being too late when we watch a movie in the evening, so we usually opt for a TV show instead – one hour long, and you’re good to go!

And we are very loyal TV watchers. We pick a show, and enjoy one episode each week, with commitment – no channel flipping for us!

We’re also picky about what movies we watch. We always read reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, which is a great rating site is you want to find out how much other people enjoyed the movie, and we love using Preview Online, a Christian reviewing site, to find out if the movie is clean enough to be filling our minds for an entire evening.

We do our research.:)

But I do enjoy a good movie. It’s the story-teller in me.

Here are some of the movies we enjoyed this last year:

The Guardian – I cry every time. Seriously, when the mentor says to the younger man, “I have high hopes for you,” I just lose it. Ben actually had to watch this one as an assignment for his Master’s program, because of it’s emphasis on mentoring and leadership.

Penelope – Totally different flavour, but extremely enjoyable! It’s a sweet story about accepting yourself  for who you are. It’s a very wholesome chick flick!

Becoming Jane – Quite lovely, as well. It’s the story of how Jane Austin…became Jane Austin! She had such a sad life, but somehow, the movie makes it beautiful and real, and you feel happy at the end.

Jane Eyre -So good! I loved it. I read the book with Anika – just a children’s classic version, so I’ve never read “the real thing”, but I knew the story. Usually, reading the book first and then watching the movie is a big disappointment, but not this time! I thought it was very well done.

But my very favorite of the year would have to be The King’s Speech.


Absolutely loved it. Sorry, Mom! (She does not like the parts where he goes off on a massive swearing streak! But other than that, this movie is very clean.)

There were a number of reasons why I loved it. Besides the fact that it’s just a solid movie, very well done, I would have to say the cinematography is incredible. This movie is beautiful. And I’m a sucker for off-centre framing – I’ve seen a ton of it in photos, but not in a movie. Loved it.

And then there’s the story. I love it that it’s true, and one of the reasons I found it super interesting was because I watched “The Woman He Loved” many years ago, which is the story of how King Edward VIII gives up the throne to marry a divorced woman.

The main character in “The King’s Speech”is Edward’s younger brother,Albert, and I loved seeing the story from a totally different point of view. This story is about how Albert has to overcome insecurities, including a speech impediment, to become king when Edward abdicates the throne.

Albert does not want to become king. His struggle to communicate, and the deep roots behind his problem are heartbreaking. There’s one line in this movie, as well, which completely undoes me. It’s when Albert is so frustrated, so angry, because people won’t listen to him, and he finally bursts out with, “I HAVE A VOICE!” It’s this powerful moment of him realizing his value and worth, even though he struggles to communicate his true thoughts.

Oh, who doesn’t need a voice?! The freedom to be, to express, to participate, to instigate change. Love it, love it, love it. Such profound life lessons touched on in this movie – the power of words, the impact of family, the ability to rise above one’s weaknesses.

Any fantastic movie suggestions out there? Anyone else who loved “The King’s Speech”?

(To find out more about “34 Days of Favorites”, click here.)

14 thoughts on “34 Days of Favorites: Movie

  1. I’ve written down every one of your favorites. I don’t know if we’ve watched any of them. You are a treasure trove of ideas for me. 🙂 And, tonight, we’re kid-less…so, we might just use one of your suggestions as soon as that. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m loving your favorites list. I feel like I’m getting to know you even better! And, I love hearing from you every day.

    • Thanks, Alicia! I’m glad you’re liking the favorites! I’m curious to hear what you think after you’ve tried them!

  2. I conquer the kings speech is phenomenally done. The character development.. Of how he comes to finally open up. I felt the new approach to speech therapy had resembles of the freedom Christ offers us. That it’s more than just a quick fix and our upbringings and life stories and feelings really matter. And actually have a part to play and when we find healing in those areas thats when we experience true freedom. Oh I love what Christ has to offer us!!

    • I think we often end up forgetting that we were created as complete beings – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual all tie together, and all areas impact each other. You are right when you say it’s not a quick fix, and background matters. It doesn’t work to ignore any parts when digging to the root, and seeking freedom.

  3. So, we watched “The King’s Speech” yesterday night and we both loved it. I could hardly handle his pain and insecurity but felt so victorious for him when he conquered it. And, I’m sorry to admit that the swearing streak really got us laughing. It was such an unusual technique but seemed quite effective. Sorry, Martha. 🙂 Don’t worry…we won’t plan on trying that method. My favorite part was when he went to hug his girls after he made the speech…he deliberately broke the cycle of fear and insecurity. That was the most inspiring and touching moment, I thought.

    • I’m so glad you liked it! I would have felt really bad if you watched it, and hated it, and I would have been completely responsible for your waste of time! This was a much happier outcome.:)

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