Weekend Favorites: Craving Some Summer

I woke up on Friday morning with a craving for summer.

Yellow flowers, watermelon, BBQ chicken, and potato salad, to be exact.

So I headed off to the greenhouse with the girls, in search of some yellow flowers. And a few other colors. Our deck is still under construction, so I wasn’t going to bother with flowers this year, but when one wakes up craving yellow flowers, it seems reasonable to satisfy that craving, as quickly as possible.

When Ben came home, he jumped on the summer bandwagon, and hauled out the brand new BBQ, which needed assembling.

Sadly, our girls have not learned to appreciate the wonders of potato salad, but perhaps we will make that a goal this summer. If you eat something often enough, you can learn to like it….

Fortunately, they have no problems in the watermelon department.

And all of this has gotten me thinking about being intentional this summer. I loved Ali Edwards thoughts on a Summer Manifesto. This is her summer of summers.

Summer fills up so fast, you have to be intentional to make the good stuff happen. (Except for the spontaneous good stuff – that’s important, too.)

What good stuff needs to happen this summer for us? Ben and I made a list yesterday. There are so many things we haven’t been able to do with our girls, because for the last five summers, we have been at camp, and summer is just camp.

It’s been fantastic. But now it’s time for waterslides, and some camping, and maybe even a road trip, if we get really crazy.

Or maybe we’re just crazy already….

What’s on your list for summer? I think this summer calls for a Manifesto…

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