Weekend Favorites: Coming Home

We spent this last weekend at the lake.

My parents have a cabin about five minutes away from the camp where we used to live. It was such a strange experience to go back! It felt so completely normal and familiar to drive those roads, but when we got to the Red Rock Bible Camp sign, and kept driving past, Ben said he couldn’t believe how surreal it felt.

Anika has still been struggling with the move, and she keeps saying camp is home. She wants to go home. We had a long talk the other day about how lots of people feel like camp is home for them, even though they don’t live there year-round like we did. It’s such a special place for so many people, and we were very blessed to call it home for five whole years.

I told her it might always feel like home, and that’s okay. We get to have two homes.

She seemed okay with that idea.

So this weekend was about coming home, in either direction. I know every curve of that highway, I know those trees and lakes.

But coming home to our new house felt awfully nice. I missed it.

And that was a very good feeling!


Our weekend was filled with family…

Grandpa’s pancakes…

A little bit of boating…

And a lot of drinking in the beauty. How I’ve missed it!

It was good to be back.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Favorites: Coming Home

    • Thanks, Lorna! Yes, the camera is working out very nicely.:) Still not sure what I’m doing, but I’m having fun!

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