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Maybe I shall frame this, and hang it someplace where I’ll see it all the time!!

I feel like there is a constant struggle going on inside me right now to try to stay in this moment – to enjoy right now, because time is flying by. Before you know it, moving day will be here, and I’ll leave my beloved Red Rock Bible Camp behind, and it will be the end of a very special chapter in our family’s story.

Moving kind of sucks. I don’t like good-byes, and I don’t like a chaotic house.

Good-byes and chaos pretty much sum up life right now, however, and it is hard not to wish it away.

But these are the days to embrace it all – to live fully present and enjoy it, before it’s all gone.

And you know what’s funny? So often I look back, and I can’t remember the hard stuff very well! I love it that it’s possible to look back on something hard, and forget the negative stuff.

My favorite example of this happened on our wedding day….

It was a cloudy day, raining off and on, and we weren’t able to take pictures in my parents’ yard like we’d planned. So we headed off to our indoor back-up location, and took most of our pictures there.

But the rain stopped, and our photographer suggested we get a few shots outside. It worked out well for awhile, but then it started to rain again, and we all headed for shelter.

My dress was huge, my heels were high, and getting anywhere quickly wasn’t the easiest endeavor. As we tried to make a run for it, our photographer spotted a bench in a beautiful little spot, and stopped us to say, “I know it’s starting to drizzle, but I’d love to get a shot of you on that bench.”

I was not impressed.

I had absolutely no desire to get my hair, make-up, veil, and dress wet in the rain. But I clearly remember standing there thinking (grumpily), “Well, I guess we’d better let him take the picture, because just watch – it will end up being my favorite.”

And it was! It was the photo we chose to use for all of our thank-you cards, and it’s the one I still choose to have up on our wall.

It is by far my favorite.

Every time I look at it, I am reminded of the choice I made that day, and try to renew my commitment to making that same choice in the future!

Because  you know what? Right now, this chaos and these good-byes could end up being among my favorite memories. I want to do this time well.

I don’t want to wish it away.

P.S. For anyone who’s sick of moving posts, just think – at this time next week, we will actually be moving! Then you’ll get to read “Settling In” posts…Or maybe “I Miss the Lake So Much I Can’t Stand It” posts!

4 thoughts on “Enjoy Life

  1. You’re a funny girl, Kendra. I totally don’t mind the moving posts…a little envious of the brand new house…but you can just keep the posts coming. It’s nice to feel like i sort of know what’s going on in your life…all the emotions and struggles of a move after so many years and also the excitement of a new place and new experiences to come. I remember your wedding day but obviously blocked out the rain. I seriously would not have remembered that! I’m just so good at looking at the bright side. What I remember about your wedding day is how I ditched the pantyhose in a hiding place in your parents house and felt so rebellious against your Mom who had bought them for me. Oh, no, now she’ll know it was me…hopefully her love for me will override any negative feelings. 🙂 I’ve never worn pantyhose since, either! I’m so IMPROPER!

    • My mom and Anika are wondering where you hid the pantyhose! My mom is curious if they are still hidden there! And she thought your memory was funny,so I’m sure all loving feelings are still intact!

  2. Thanks for the reminder to not wish away our days, Kendra, as I woke up wishing this day and the next few, away. I hope moving goes amazingly well! Looking forward to hearing all about it in more posts. I like the moving posts…good reminders about how to embrace any transition in life.

    • Thanks, Juls! And I hope that the next few days that you have been wanting to wish away surprise you with all kinds of enjoyable moments!

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