A Sneak Peak, and Some Thoughts on Packing…

Less than two weeks until moving day!

Oh, my goodness.

Ben’s been painting like crazy, and I think he’s very lucky to be able to spend so much time in our new house! He gets to see all the progress. If I were him, I would spend lots of time just basking, imagining the wonderful new life we will have.

He says he’s a bit too busy for that, looking up at the ceiling all day while he paints it white.

The other morning he sent me this picture, so I could also see how things are coming along:

See? Definite basking required. It is almost done!

And a packing update? I have decided there are a couple of advantages to having boxes piled all over our current home:

1) There is always a place to set your glass of water down beside you, no matter where you sit.

2) The girls love having new stuff to climb.

So…any packing tips anyone wants to send my way??!

2 thoughts on “A Sneak Peak, and Some Thoughts on Packing…

  1. Load beds, linens, change of clothes and basic toiletries last so you can unload them first.
    Put all appliance manuals in a 3-ring binder (old and new house).
    Take pictures of valuable items for insurance purposes.
    Buy a label maker if you don’t already have one. It’s amazing what all needs labeling!
    Install a keypad garage door opener.
    Hang a key organizer inside a kitchen cabinet door. We left one in our old house so the keys weren’t just all a big mess like we found them when we moved in.
    Install paper towel holders under each sink.
    Keep your camera handy!

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