Weekend Favorites

This weekend was spent without Ben or my camera!

Despite these unfortunate circumstances, we were still able to have a very nice weekend, with only a few completely crazy moments thrown in.

(We ran out of rice milk for Kaylia. At bedtime, she sat and cried uncontrollably for almost an hour because there was no milk. Miraculously, I was able to find a carton in the camp fridge, otherwise it would have been a loooooong night. Oh, sweet Niverville, here we come! The land flowing with milk and honey, or at least filled with stores where we can buy it without driving two hours!)

Anyway. The favorite moments of my weekend:

-Following every little stream we could find around camp, down to the lake. (We were doing science, and Anika didn’t even know it!)

-Painting magnets (and observing Kaylia’s fascinating techniques for mixing paint to create new colors)

-Making orange juice (which was part of my effort to get Kaylia to drink something, seeing as there was no milk in the house)

-Listening to “Pete Stories” on the phone. Every night, Ben tells each of the girls a “Pete Story” – Anika’s stories are quite a bit more elaborate than Kaylia’s, which is why they need individualized performances. In an effort to get the milkless Kaylia settled down for night, we called Daddy for a “Pete Story”. The best part: When I asked Ben if he was ready to start, he said, “I was born ready.”

He really was. Someday he will be a famous author. But for now, I get to watch him (or listen to him) be the most amazing dad, always ready to make life more fun, enjoyable, and full of adventures for his girls.

Today Ben comes home, and he’s bringing our camera, and life will feel a little more normal!

I hope your week is fun, enjoyable, and full of adventure!

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