Our New Home Sweet Home

Many, many people have asked us where we will be living once we leave camp. And many, many times, I have had to stumble my way through some kind of lame answer, because I’ve never been very good at keeping secrets, or leaving out details.

I am all about details.

When someone asks, “How are you doing?”, I am never one of those people who is “fine”.

Oh, no. There would be no detail in that. There would be no opportunity for sharing deeply and fully.

So it was difficult for me, when people asked, “Where will you be living?“, to simply say, “We’re still working on that.”

But now, I get to share with you all (very deeply and fully!) that we are building a new house!

It was started in January, which is a really long time for me not to say anything about it, but I did it because I love my husband, and respect his judgement.

And he judged that we should wait to share our exciting news.

He’s very wise. It was good to wait. But it is so good to share publicly that God has provided for our needs in ways we never expected. We are so, so thankful for all the help we have received in making this possible.

So here’s the deal: We have no desire to move into our beautiful new home, and simply use it to meet our needs,Ā  just living our private, comfortable little life.

We feel that we are living in the middle of a huge blessing, and we want to pass on the blessing in whatever way possible.

It’s not really our house.

Anything that we own is really God’s, and we just get to use it for a little while.

So as we use this house, we would really, really love for it to be a tool we can use as we reach out to other people.

As most of you probably know by now, we have a huge passion for discipleship. Lately, I’ve also been realizing more and more how much I also need community. I really enjoy living a private, comfortable little life. But I get this feeling, quite regularly, that I need to learn how to live a less comfortable, less private life.

Living at camp has changed me, and is showing me what I truly feel is most important (which is another whole blog post that will come at some point soon), and I want to do something about it.

I shared previously how Ben is dreaming of a discipleship group for young men. I have all kinds of dreams flying around in my head. So we’re thinking and waiting and praying and wondering what exactly God has in store for us in Niverville.

We’re kinda open to suggestions.

Say, for example, you are a college student needing a cheap place to live, and you would come to us and say that you would just love to have a home in our basement, and you would help us build a firepit in our backyard so we could all hang out, discussing life’s great issues around the fire until the wee hours of the morning. We would say, “Let’s do it!”

Or maybe you are a young mom who wants to come over and talk while our kids all run and play and eat dirt, and we connect deeply about our desire to be godly moms? I would say, “Please come over to my house, and be my new best friend.”

Or let’s say you’re looking for some kind of Bible study group that meets once a month to talk and pray and sing, and you would come let us know. Ben would have his guitar ready and waiting, and we’d invite you over for a BBQ.

I don’t know. I don’t really know what people want and need, and secretly wish they had, or have been praying for.

Those examples are things I wish I had. Anyone else out there who feels the same?

What do people need? What do you need?

I’m curious.

Because we’ve got this house that’s waiting for some life and love and ministry to happen in it, and we can’t wait to start!

12 thoughts on “Our New Home Sweet Home

  1. Bravo Kendra, first on keeping the secret and second on your desire to reach people. I have been out of college “full time” for nearly 12 years but as a young mom back then, a single young mom, the fellowship and friendship would have been so very welcome especially on the days where I felt I was nuts for going to school or for endeavoring to raise my kids on my own, and make no mistake there were plenty of people all waiting their turn to tell me just how nuts I was. Things also may have been different for me had I had a place such as the one you described to live in where I had people to talk to who genuinely listened. Do I regret my life or the choices I have made… NO because they gave me two wonderful and blessed children and a plethora of experiences, but I guess things may not have been as difficult had there been a listening ear in the huge city I found myself in. (this was all pre finding God again!) BUT I guess what I am trying to say is kudos to you guys for that openness and that compassion you are so ready to continue sharing!

    • Thanks, Karrie! I appreciate your encouraging words. And I am so thankful you were able to find your way through such difficult times. God is so good!

  2. I’ve seen your new house going up. It’ll be nice! It’s not too far from where my parents are building. Here’s a suggestion for you: How about some students needing to learn to play the piano? Last fall one of the teachers in town (with a fairly large studio) moved. A number of us teachers here tried to pick up the slack, (and managed) but it would be great to have another teacher or two to help us out and I happen to know that you have both the ability and experience! Just a thought….. šŸ™‚

  3. Kendra, that is exactly how we feel about the home we are wanting to build. We firmly believe it is a tool that God will use to accomplish his purposes in our lives, whatever that may be. It is very encouraging to hear others talk the same way. Now we will just have to hop on the bikes with the kids to see if we can figure out which house is yours (especially since the girls cannot stop talking about your eldest!) šŸ™‚

    • Aww, thanks Chantelle! Anika is already asking about when she can see your girls again! You’ll have to hop on your bikes and come for a visit after we move in!

  4. Hi Kendra, we’ve been watching your house going up and were wondering if you would be moving in before ours got off the ground. I think your house will look very nice. Ours in finally moving right along and that’s exciting. What’s not quite so exciting is all the sorting (almost 49 years worth of stuff), preparing our place for sale and all the decisions that still need to be made. I’m trying to take it one step at a time.
    All th ebest to you and Ben.

      • Yes, we will be in the house that’s under construction on the east side of Claremont. It’s the fifth house north of the traffic circle (roundabout) on Hampton. I’m sure we’ll meet each other in the area .

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