Spring = Happy

What?? What is going on outside?!

Just like that, the snow is gone, and fake spring is upon us. I don’t believe for a second that this weather is going to last, but I will enjoy it while it’s here.

It is the kind of weather that makes you pull out bright rubber boots.

It makes you run for your dolls…

and go play house in the bush.

It makes you look up, up, up, as you breathe in that fresh spring air.

It makes you splash in puddles (because you are never too old to splash in puddles.)

And it makes you wander home reluctantly, because going inside seems like such a shame….


Know what else is a shame? My camera. It’s smoking. For real. If we use the flash, a puff of smoke shoots out the top. What is up with that? Ben is hoping it will explode in his hands. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, seeing as I am the one using the camera about 90% of the time, so it would be my hands that would get exploded on.

Part of me is sad. Broken camera = sad.

But…that means we have to buy a new one! Shall I follow my frugal self and my practical husband, and buy another little point-and-shoot? Or shall I follow my dreams and the encouragement of my husband (despite his practical side), and put all of my Christmas and birthday money into a fancy shmancy camera that would give me lots to play around with?

Any camera opinions out there?

5 thoughts on “Spring = Happy

  1. Kendra, speaking as a practical, frugal person…DO NOT buy another point and shoot! Once you realize the great pictures you can take with a good DSLR, you won’t ever want to go back. Promise. It is worth it. And you will be excited about all the new possibilities in how you can take a picture like you never have before. Throw caution to the wind. Invest!!!! It’s an investment in a hobby that you love with so much of your heart. No price can be put on that.

    • Thanks, Juls! Actually, Ben wants us to have both a point-and-shoot and a DSLR, since we won’t want to lug it around everywhere. That’s where things get tricky. (and even pricier.) We’re in discussion…:)

      • I will venture to say that once you experience the DSLR that you won’t really want to use your point and shoot. Now, we haven’t had our DSLR very long (only since after Christmas) but I was taking pictures the other day with a friend’s point and shoot and it was the most frustrating experience ever. I couldn’t change the settings so the pictures looked awful. We have the Cannon t2i, which is more than enough camera for us, and it’s not too terribly heavy or big. Boxing day sales are awesome for picking up cameras, so even if you wanted to wait on buying a DSLR, you could always pick up a cheap point and shoot for now and invest later in the year. Not ideal, but just a suggestion? If you care to play around with my SLR you’re more than welcome to. I can show you a few of the things it can do. We can even compare how pictures look on an SLR as opposed to a point and shoot (we still have ours that you could use to compare). Just a suggestion. 🙂 I think that might have helped me make a decision…it felt like a huge decision.

  2. Kendra.
    I vote against the point and shoot. There are some awesome other options. I would say go with a dslr. There’s so many options. And so much you can do. Cody has fell so much more in love with filming and videography since buying his. There’s lots of dslr’s so you could start asking around and figure out what would best suit you. Cody has one so you could hang out with us! Are you guys coming into town anytime soon?

    • Yes, spending time with you guys, with or without your camera, sounds fantastic. We are in town often, but mostly, it has to do with moving. We’ll let you know as soon as something works!

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