Just Because

Those words are a little bit magical, hey?A gift – just because. Flowers, just because.

No particular reason needed, because every little moment is worth celebrating.

Here are my recent moments that made me feel like celebrating, just because.

1) This cake.

Made by this friend. Just because. 🙂

2) Making Soup in a Frilly Apron.

Because really, there is no other more appropriate attire for soup-cooking.

3) Heart-shaped Bananas.

Pinterest is a wonderful thing, no? There are ideas for absolutely everything…

4) The sun rising over the tips of the evergreens.

Every morning, I get up before my family does so that I can do yoga in a quiet house while I enjoy the view out of my window – the sunrise, and all of those snow-laden trees. Beautiful.


There you have it. Just because.

What’s on your list of favorites?

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