We’re Going on a Ski Trip!

Oh, I am so excited. I love ski trips.

I used to go skiing in the mountains with my family. I love the trees, and the soft, fluffy snowflakes. I love chairlifts. I love the sound of skis being hit together to get the snow off. I love the fresh air, and the smell of fireplace smoke.

And I love the feeling of flying down the slopes.

I love packing up gloves and toques and figuring out all the ski equipment. I love drinking hot chocolate in the lodge.

So many, many wonderful memories!

Ben’s family always went skiing together when he was younger, too. We went a couple of times after we got married, but we haven’t gone since moving to camp.

Which makes it even more exciting to be going again this week! But this time…it’s with the Pursuit students!

We’re not going to the mountains, but that’s okay. A six-hour drive is so much better than a 15-hour one!

We’re driving to Giants Ridge today, getting in two days of skiing, and coming home on Friday.

I’ll share some pictures soon!

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